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Posted by Ueli ( on June 09, 2001 at 14:42:58:

In Reply to: Boji stones for those who'll listen... posted by Frederick Stanley on June 09, 2001 at 01:44:45:

People gathering on this board are of many different faiths. Some believe in the power of prayer others do not. But they get along with each other because neither side is trying to convert the other, as (almost) all are here because of Cluster Headaches, not to evangelize or sermonize.

Now comes missionary Frederick with a blatant breach of this unwritten rule and insults everybody with his false gospel.

Granted he is not himself a snake oil merchant, he nevertheless uses their sales pitch and blathers about mystical 'energies'. Mystical in the sense that they defy an exact definition, and of course they escape any measurement, even with the most sensitive and sophisticated instruments of today. Nobody with a minimal grasp of modern science still believes in a flat earth. Blood letting and purging as a 'cure all' is outdated in medicine for a few centuries. Why should anyone still in possession of his common sense believe in magical forces and energies made up in archaic times? Oh yeah, I hear you saying, these miraculous energies are of course something that the still primitive science of today cannot grasp.
And of course, a real believer, or the scam artist who scoops in, sees no reason for a controlled investigation as it is usual (and required by law) for a medicament.

The kind of help ChildOfLight is offering is plain and simply harmful: as it keeps suffering people still longer away from a possible help by the (alas still imperfect) medical profession.

Frederick, your claim that this Bogy stone helped with CH allows only two conclusions: either is was a mere coincidence or you suffer from some sort of psychosomatic stress headaches. If you feel insulted and pissed off by this post: you've got back what you dealt.

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