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Posted by DaveH ( on June 18, 2001 at 11:36:24:

Hello everyone,
Well I wish this was a more friendly post but it is not. I guess you could say that I am trying to stir things up a little. I have been here a few months and have gotten to know some of you that post here on the board from the headache support groups chat room. You are the people I am focusing on because it is you that will be in Atlanta for the 2001 convention. Everyone else that posts here this concerns you just as much.

I hear about all the fun things that are planned for Atlanta and what a blast it is going to be. Everyone is going to have such a great time. I do NOT condemn anyone for that, and I hope that you have a blast. What my beef deals with is has anyone tried to get Doctors, Government Officials, and Drug reps to attend. Yes, I understand that some have, but what about the rest of you. I do not get to attend this year, I found out to late to make changes in my office, which would allow me to attend. At the same time I have been sending out emails to Congressman and Representatives requesting that they please make an effort to attend this conference as well as start paying attention to our small voice. I have heard the story from some of you as well as from the letters I receive back from the government officials. I will not disagree with you, it is discouraging and it does take allot of work. NO ONE EVER SAID GETTING HELP WAS EASY!

You have to fight for what you want. You have to want it more then anything you have ever wanted. Some of the group have gone the extra mile to try and make a difference, Todd and Elaine for instance with the chat room and the setup of Atlanta. Jonny, doing things for people without others knowing just because he can. I am sure that there are others and I am still too new to know who you are yet.

Listen people, I know I may have upset some of you already and I am ok with that. I sit in chat and I have not said a word about how I felt. I kept my mouth shut and just went with things as they were because I felt that it was not the new persons place to say anything. Last night opened my eyes and showed me that if I do not speak up then I am the fool. I am the one that is contributing to the problem just as much as the rest. I feel that it is time that EVERYONE starts looking at what he or she really want out of the chat room, and what they are here for. Is chat only fun and games, a place to flirt and have a good time? Is chat a place to blow off steam and vent when life gets hard and out of control, a place where you can feel safe in knowing that friends are there to listen and help when they can. Is chatting a place where we welcome new sufferers of headaches, Migraines, and Clusters. A place where we can get together to coordinate how we are going to move forward and gather more support to the fold. Chat is all of that and more, but recently I have not seen anything but a good time and no one really working to get the new names I see on the post into the chat. Is there anyone offering to do things to get guest speakers to the convention so that we can get the word out. The convention is only days away and who is going to be there to see what we deal with from the government? Are there going to be any doctors at the convention to speak? Has anyone tried to get doctors there beside Todd and Elaine? What has been done by this group to help it grow and provide information for others to use?

People I am not here to point fingers; I am speaking as a member of the message board and of the chat room. I am not looking to OUCH for guidance in any way. I AM LOOKING AT EACH AND EVERY MEMBER. People each have their own way of doing things and I understand that and do not condemn it. All I am asking is that we start doing more as a group to pull these new names into the fold and welcome them as part of the group. This is the only way that we will grow. That growth is what makes our voice heard. Until we as a UNIT grow then nothing will ever come of the CH group and we might as well consider ourselves nothing more then another common chat room.

I have spoken my peace and if you have any issues you would like to address with me please feel free to send me an e-mail or ask me in chat. I will NOT run and hide from anyone.


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