Opiates and CH

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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on June 18, 2001 at 19:11:04:

In Reply to: Safer Opaite Theapty....uh..... posted by Margi on June 18, 2001 at 17:14:44:

I, for one, have no objection to opiates being discussed as a possible treatment for CH. From what I have read, there are certain opiates, in certain combinations, that can sometimes work with varying degrees of success for certain people.

A search on "methadone" will reveal that of all the opiates, it is perhaps the one with the most promise for clusterheads. Admittedly, it has a MUCH lower percentage of success than the standard meds such as verapamil, prednisone, lithium, and the various triptans, and certainly a much lower percentage than hallucinogens, but it is undeniable that opioids DO HELP to some degree for a small percentage of us. Don't forget that oxygen, lithium, verapamil, etc., have at best a success rate in the high sixties percentage-wise. Verapamil, for example, does nothing at all for me.

I don't remember agreeing not to discuss opioids on this board. I do remember seeing (from people other than WaterDog) posts detailing success with methadone, Ultram, and other opioids. Didn't I just see a post from a highly-regarded regular about the relief he obtained from a fentanyl patch? Last I heard, fentanyl was an opioid, and not a weak one either. Nobody gave him shit for his post. Why is that?

In the early stages of my cycles, I have found that codeine tablets will help, and Ultram (tramadol hydrochloride) works even better. I must admit that once the beast becomes well-established, neither codeine nor Ultram remain effective and I have to switch over to Imitrex or Zomig, but the point is that they DO help me, up to a point. There may be others who would be able to ride out an entire cycle with nothing more than Ultram... as I keep reading over and over again on this board, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.

As for the safety of the opioids... taken under the supervision of a qualified specialist they are as safe as any powerful medication... safer than some of the standard CH drugs (i.e. prednisone or Sansert). Studies have shown over and over again that those who take opioids for pain relief rather than for thrills seldom have difficulty stopping them once they are no longer needed.

You are all aware that I personally believe our best hope is the use of hallucinogens such as LSD or psilocybin, but I certainly don't have a problem with hearing about alternatives... everything from water to hot sauce to capsaicin cream to opioids.


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