J And Cluster Headaches

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Posted by Dave Emond ( on July 02, 2001 at 14:52:15:

In Reply to: Significant other has clusters ... posted by MJ on July 02, 2001 at 13:00:55:

It's not uncommon for "clusterheads" to react this way.
Suppose you can get J to read this post?
At this point I know you could probably care less who this jerk is who is writing this note. But hold on just a bit longer. All I want to do is give you a chance to say anything you want. Whether you tell me to piss off, shove it or whatever, this is your chance to say something about how you feel about the whole thing. Rage, curse, vent, whatever ... believe it or not, most of us have many times over. This is one screwed up disorder. The doctors know nothing more than what they read in their stupid little books, then turn around a prescribe medications that have nothing to to with Cluster headaches and usually have bad side effects, and basically treat us like guinea pigs! The pharmacuetical companies could care less about us because there's not enough of us to make a profit on, so no need to make or research proper drugs for us ... assholes!
Am I right so far? You go from one doctor to another, they all act concerned, then hand you some crap, send you on your way and say " see you in a month!". Meanwhile, you're sitting at home wanting to rip your head apart and the doctor who gave you the stuff in the first place.
Others want to help. But what do they know? They can't know? It's not their fault, and you wouldn't even want them to know, because it's to horrifying. Okay, granted, when someone says, "Yeah, I've had bad headaches before, you might want them to experience a CH attack!".
That's what we're doing here. We know the medical world isn't going to help us. No one is going to understand the pain unless they live with it. We do! You do!
Sit down and write it out, like I said, say whatever you want, whether it be to mind my own business, or to curse that beast that rips your mind and stabs ice picks through your temples through your eyes, whatever, we can take, cause we live with this shit too.

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