Some whining adn a few questions... PINKY, Where are ya bro? :)

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Posted by Mike B ( on July 16, 2001 at 01:52:46:

Hello all,

PINKY, Please referr to hte end of this post. I need your help man...

I am feeling pretty badly these days and I was just wondering if anyone lese experiences:

- Screwed up vision. The vision in my left eye (the CH evil eye :) seems to have gone crazy in the last few weeks. It has got so that I cannot hit the right buttons on the daya collector at work or rad street signs or even read atext lot of the time without covering my left eye with my hand. Also, obviouslt, when I am ch'n like now. I cannot type too well.

-iNausea and vomiting: The last few nights and days it has been ver very bad pain. I have tried not to but I have got nausea and when the pain is intense I have had to runto the bathroom probably three to foiur times each night in the last three ngiths and puke from the pain. I thought that nausea and vomiting were usually related to migraine headaches and not CH. I've never had the vomiting before (nor the vision prob) but then again this cycle is the worst one I have ever experienced.

Anyway I was just curious if anyone eklse has these prob's with their CH's...

And BTW, Mela, if you read this. I read your entry in the guest book. No, you not crazy... and it will get beter I promise. I am not your typical CH case because I am not having ins and cannot get meds, etc, etc and also I am a stubborn cuss who is not a great patient. So do not think that your situation will be like mine. You can defenetiely deal with CH and have some meds that help and even some sort fo life still. You'll be ok:) That was funny BTW, your response to my response to Johhny's sculpture post. Thanks! Lokking like that does not help my situation either. LOL!

And, I have been able to talk to Cathy almost everyday lately (Sigh. She just makes my heart sing) and she wanted me to tell all that she is so thankful for the prayers! Her friend Miki is still hanging on and in pain and Cathy, Miki and her family still need some prayers If you guys do not mind...

Alright, alright. I'm gonn try and stop writing now. Besides I have to go and hang around like a bat(!?). Cause that number 9 or 10 CH feeling is comin round againSmiles

OK, PINKY, I'm off the floor again. LOL. a frienmd of mine brought ne some natural medicine this morning (Boy, I seem to have good friends coming out of the woodwork lately :) and I was wondering if you woul dnot mind, could you send me some advice on dosages, frequency and stuff? I have prett much no hope of seeing a neurolgist or anyone for htis and afte reading the great responses to your recdcomened treatment, I feel that I've got to try it. I reeally cannot take much more of this crap and do not want to go to the ER or ot ask the PCp for any mreo oain meds. Don't help but a weee-bit and it is not worth taking the narcoitics all of the tine. Have not been taking htem even with the pain. So, please, I am beggin you, help me out a little PINK. Waitng on you bro...

Hope everyone has PF night and good day tommorrow! Thaks for the B'Day stuff guys. And all of the laughs... Praying for all of you...Namaste.

Love, Michael B

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