Daniel, I'm glad that you finally admit what you are trying to sell

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Posted by Ueli ( on July 16, 2001 at 11:26:09:

In Reply to: Snake Oil posted by Daniel on July 16, 2001 at 06:58:13:

Let's Look at your post in detail:

Andre van Zyl first posted here in may 2000 - check "Where we live"
Wrong, although his name and an e-mail address is in the "where we live" section, there is no entry in 40 guest book files and no post from him in over 100'000 messages on the board. We know absolutely nothing about him, whether he suffers from cluster, migraine, hangover or ingrown toe nails. So your claim:
He has had an 80% (self reported) improvement with minor superficial arterial surgery - ala Dr Ali.
has no value for us whatsoever. BTW, an "80% improvement" is a far shot away from a "cure" that you claimed up to now, do you admit with this that your previous claims have been grossly exaggerated?

He's gonna try the try the shrooms now for the last 20%. Thanks for the trip levels Flash
Since the shrooms have such a high success rate, why try first an obscure kind of surgery about which there is nothing known in the medical literature?

Thats two out of two!
As we all remember, the first case was not cured by surgery but by a bite plate, obviously a case of TMJ. Here is his very "informative" testimonial.
(Oh yeah, the success story for shrooms is something like 29 out of 30)

What surprises me is your hint that your dad and Ali perform a similar surgery. Keep learning, Junior, then maybe one day you can give us some useful information.

Some points, that in much more than 100 spam posts, neither Daniel Shevel, Director of Business Development nor Ali Sultaneh could explain:
Why do they ignore the differences between cluster and migraines? Is it simply for business reasons?
Why do the claim that a surgical procedure, that has apparently some merits for migraines, is also useful for clusters? Same answer as above?

Dr. Elliot Shevel, the father and employer of Daniel, never has claimed that his procedure has helped a clusterhead.

But the mountebank Daniel continues to make these outrageous claims.

Daniel, it's about time that you supply us with a scientifically sound article, from a renowned journal or web site, about the how and why microvascular decompression can help cluster headaches; something I could show my neurologist and ask for his opinion about it.

Until you do that, stop spamming this message board, as it is for sufferers and supporters of clusterheads, not to make a fast buck or Rand.

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