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Posted by Mike B ( on July 18, 2001 at 01:50:44:

Hey guys and gals, ( Groans )

Just for the hell of it, I thought I'd post an update on my personal CH saga. Yes, this is only Chapter twelve of book one of the short seventy two thousand chapter fourteen million word trilogy. You'll just have to wait for the rest of it. (Groans. Holding of heads in rooms all across the world :)

Anyway, I got sent home this morning and I posted a bit about it on the board. I asked for opinions on taking a leave of absence. Thanks for the support, Ree. It helped me a tremendous amount in not feeling too guilty to ask for it.

I went to my former PCP (Now that my ins. is history, he's just any old MD now :) and asked him for a little help. He asked if I wanted more Percosets or something (I was having a fairly good CH at the time). I turned them down (I am going to try a little mother nature tommorrow. Moooooo! :). Everyone who has tried it has had pretty good results with it apparently. So, as a last effort, I am going to try it. And no, I did not bother to tell him about that. He looked at me like he thought I was a bit crazy and I just smiled and asked for him to give me a 'leave of absence for medical reasons' type of letter for my place of employment.

This will be a relief I am sure. Though, I am not too sure if I will still have a job come next Tuesday (My boss mentioned to me that "we are still in the thirty day probationary period,you know." Yeah. Thanks Boss Man. I always like to know that I am not appreciated. Come on over and just kick me in the head a bit. I like that kind of stuff. Besides, maybe I should go look for a job which offers insurance. Those probationary periods cut both ways my man!

I really really have been bugging out over trying to go to work everyday, when I am not getting any sleep and the CH's just keep poppin up left and right out of nowhere. They have no regard for any damn thing I am trying to do. Thanks again for the support Ree.

I guess the beast just doesn't really give a shit if he can't bug me anymore If I die from starvation. The stupid bastard, he's got no sense of what it means to be symbiotic.

So, I paid friggin $55 for the doctor to write on a piece of paper that I was to take off work until the 23rd. Go figure (If I got paid at that rate by the word... Let's see. That's what? About 7 bucks a word? Hell, I can't even count that high! LOL).

Oh, and I am going to keep that appointment that I have with the neuro guy on the 20th. I called them and perhaps I can work out a payment plan after all. Though they said it would cost anywhere from about 100 to 300 smacks for the 1st visit (That, my friends, is a lot of smacks for a 1st visit. To me anyway). Who knows, I'll probably be on here asking if I was supposed to take the whole bottle of Verapittrex's or what?!? :)

Actually, I am going to try the shroom treatment tommorrow morning. I do not think that I can wait any longer because I am not taking anything for the CH's. About three or four days now. Let me tell you, brothers and sisters, that's a long long time when you are suffering. I am hoping that, for my birthday (The 19th. Start sending all of those cool really expensive gifts now and you can still make it :), I will be able to get the first day of no headaches. Now that would be a great birthday gift wouldn't it? (I am thinking positive here. So, thanks in advance Pinky :)

Ok, Ok. Enough already...

Wishing everyone a PFN and a PFD. Hell why not a PFY while I am at it!

Lots a love to all of you, Michael B

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