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Posted by Riccardo ( on July 18, 2001 at 02:51:07:

OK, the usual report on the WOP trip in Atlanta…..

I won’t talk about the Convention, because too much words were told, and I will go straight to the … curious things happened to this WOP.

Start from Turin, via Frankfurt….. hey! Now in Frankfurt Airport they build a CASINO!!!!…. no time to try, may be next year….
Ask for a aisle or Emergency exit seat…. NO! OK I accept the suggestion of the hostess, and board…. My God! Is the seat with the less space on all the airplane! No chance to change, the flight is full… I try to survive, with my elbows in my ears and my knees in the a….

Atlanta! A little, small airport…. Cue for the WOPs…. Mat the border they checked all the white pages of my passport, some stops, and at the exit, a bald bald man looking at me…. Todd! Kisses, touching, kisses and some quick sex in the toilet, then some MILES to the Airport exit….
Waiting for Elaine, we meet first Barbara D (she improved her English, this year I understand twice the last year …. Perhaps… 2 times the 5% is not a lot…but….).

Then Bonnie and Warren …. Kisses …. And so on.
At the end Elaine arrives with a compact car (Kia)…… in Italy it’s a huge car, but… all is big in Texas… also in Georgia…..
BTW, also Elaine is big, as you know, her chest is deformed by the … big heart she has.. :-)
Kisses thru the window, and then to the Hotel.

Check in, then some rest in the room, then in the hall, waiting for other participants. Kip and Judy …. Kisses kisses… (to Judy only, when I kiss Kip we get some difficulty, due to our bellies….

And then Cheryl and son, UELI (still with some cat fur in the beard, I can kiss him because I’m allergic to the fur….) Then Mo and John Graham, the British part of the Convention….(the best part is Mo, John is too much bald for me, and don’t answer to my sex signs… :-)

I finally see JD (the little one…) and Deveny (that speak quicker than her mother… :-) …..)

First meeting with …. grits at the restaurant….. bleah! Worse than pudding! (sorry Mo and John!)

Then Piera and Stella (I understand them perfectly… J )

Next day, Paco! I still have the idea of a little, little man…. No he is tall. Strange thing the pictures, you imagine a man completely different from the reality. Some jumps to kiss him (and her nice, nice wife), then he asks me to go with him to his car….. HE GAVE ME A STETSON HAT!!!!! (BTW, thanks again, Paco, t’was a fantastic gift!).

Then the police…. Jim Hendrix and wife… OK we will safe at the Convention…. (as usual, the wife is much better than the husband…)
And BobP and wife, and Terry and wife…… I have to learn something from this… may be I have to turn straight to other sex with kisses…..woman is better….

And JD, Cheryl Bye and DJ, Jayne…. (why the heck I put all these singles in this order…. Bah! :-) ). Hey JD, I WANT your JEEP!

And the surprise…. The yearly winner of the NOT_UNDERSTANDABLE ENGLISH OF THE YEAR….. NancyC.
I catch only she doesn’t tell me -f##k you!- because she smiles when she speaks…. I understand only the 5% of what she say, including yes and no…..

On Sunday, Piera, Stella, John and I go to sightseeing Atlanta. Nice the Stone mountain, nice the reproduction of M. Mitchell house, then in Atlanta centre. But we left John, he got a virus, and wanted to return to the Hotel.
At this point I (due to the warm weather) started to have pressure lowering, and some fainting and nausea. OK, Piera tell me: -let’s have lunch, you will be better….

And they bring me to that restaurant 500 feet high, and ROTATING on itself!!!!!! I am sure that was an experience……… my stomach still remember that thing… :-)
Next day, the 3rd…. my birthday…. A big surprise: Mo and John leave me a cake! (with Happy Birthday on it!)

I eat the cake in my room with the … fingers, (no spoons in the room, and too lazy to pick one down in the restaurant). In the middle of the chocolate orgy…. Toc toc…- room service! ….. S##t, s##t, not NOW!
I open the door and the maid look at my brown face and hand, thought to a strange sex habit (all by myself!!!!), told me –Sorry Sir… and leave…….

Next day, some shopping. I ask at the reception…. Yes, 5 mins on the right…. It WAS 5 mins WITH A CAR!!!!
I entered the store completely ….wet for sweating…….also the trousers.

The last day, Elaine invited me at her home. Nice home, I fell in love with one of her dogs and have a nice dinner with all her family.
At this point I saw her cat….. CAT?!? I first thought was a puma! I asked if they will eat him for Thanksgiving, instead of the turkey!

Then we have a nice chat……. On the WEB! Yes! Back to back, on two computers, we connected to the board and the HSG chat!
In this way we avoided the understanding problems (She is just two or three step up NancyC…. I have difficulties with these Southerns… :-)
Nice, nice idea, Elaine.

End of the trip. No important notes on the return flight, excluding a better seat choice…..

Sorry for the long and fractured English post…… Ciao to all you

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