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Posted by Mike B ( on July 19, 2001 at 13:49:37:

In Reply to: Check this out. posted by ChuckC on July 19, 2001 at 10:37:48:


I just read your post and, man, I am sorry that your suffering so bad pal. I wish that I could help. Beyond making some prayers for you there is only one thing that I can do to try and help because I myself cannot tell you much of anything about typical CH medications.

However, I have been reading up on the controversial shroom treatment. I have read posts of chronic CH sufferers having success with this treatment. Please referr to, 'schroom strings' - BobG 16:48:50 07/16/01, where you can find some good feedback from CH'ers who have tried it.

I am not trying to do anything other than see if I can get you to read about a possible treatment which you have not tried and make your mind up yourself. I am not a doctor and I don't even try to act like one. I am just another guy who suffers from CH's. I have nothing to gain by urging you to read up on it, other than maybe helping a fellow CH'er possibly get some relief.

I know I decided to try it and, after about 12 hours, I went to sleep and slept soundly for 7 hours or so. Also, I did not wake with a CH when I got up. I also do not have anything other than a minor twinge or two at the moment. Just vague aching. Keep in mind that I am an episodic CH'r and it has only been slightly less than 24 hours since I tried it. However, I am convinced by my own admittedly too small exp. that it does DO SOMETHING for the CH's. I am taking NO meds right now and this is the first time in about 3-4 weeks that I have gone this long without hitting an 8,9 or 10 on the Kip scale.

I was getting hit hard with heaps of 9 and 10's, getting no sleep and had lost one job and had to take a leave of absence from my new one. I have been seriously suffering and was at the end of my rope and could not afford typical meds (Kept thinking of suicide). For the first time in a what seems like a long time, I have a bit of hope.

I know it is too soon to judge with my own situation, but read of others experiences...

So, either way, just trying to offer the only thing I can personally think of which may help you out bro. And not to worry, it will not hurt my feelings if you do not wish to try it. That is perfectly alright. Others may have plenty of more conventional help. I just want you to get some relief bro. However you do it.

Whatever you do bro, keep hanging in there. My heart goes out to you and I hope that you find some PF time and something that works for you.

Humbly, sincerely and with love, Michael B

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