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Posted by Flash ( on July 27, 2001 at 13:46:55:

In Reply to: Interesting reading posted by pinksharkmark on July 27, 2001 at 09:16:48:

Imagine the same thing with antibiotics! A lot of people are going into this treatment half assed (and I mean that in the nicest way). Getting enough shrooms for a single dose is not sufficient to guarantee success, in fact it might even be detremental.

The fact that a single dose of hallucinogens is often effective should not detract from the fact that a single dose of anything working is a bloody miracle. If the Doc could prescribe single tablet that would create a 12 month remission then we'd all be pretty fuckin impressed. The only other instance that I know of where something works this well is the drug (brand name) Zantac that is incredible for indigestion.

Anyone attempting to use hallucinogens should:

1) Secure by whatever means a reliable line of supply.
2) Stockpile enough for at least 3 attempts.
3) Be prepared for LSD to step in as a second line of attack.
4) Endeavour to ensure that you have actually got hold of the real substances!

There is little difference in my opinion they are both as good/bad as each other. Some people contend that shrooms are natural, but LSD isn't all that unatural being an primary extract of the naturally occuring fungus Ergot.

What has become apparent (to others) over the last few weeks is that hallucinogens have a substantial positive impact on CH. That is no longer in any doubt. We are now at the stage where a real clinical trial becomes necessary to determine exactly what the statistic are. This means using carefully measured doses and strengths of compound, control groups etc.

I don't recall anyone reporting back that the hallucinogens haven't done something. And that something has always been a lot more impressive than anything they've been prescribed. Part of the problem of being tagged as the 'magic bullet' is that people are dissapointed that it has only halved the frequency and severity of their attacks, or that they still get 3 shadows a day. I mean this with no disrespect - I'm just highlighting a fact. If any other drug had produced these effects everyone would be taking it and going "have you tried X yet? It gave me 10 days total relief and has subsequently halved the frequency and severity of my attacks. All this for only $1! Whoopee!!!!!"

I shit you not :)

Another thing that upsets me, and again I mean no disrespect, but people are taking their only dose, getting partial relief, and then calling round everyone in order to secure a second dose - usually too late in the day. PPPPPP: prior planning prevents piss poor performance. If you intend taking this treatment then do what guys like Pinky, BobP and Paco have done and grow your crops in advance. That way you won't be dissapointed when you can't take a second dose.

I await with baited breath the results from those sitting on a minature anti CH arsenal. Those are the results that will REALLY give everyone an idea of just how effective this treatment is.

The rest of you that have taken / intend to take the more ad-hoc approach; your results are still valuable, and I am glad you have had the courage to try this, so don;t interpret my rant too harshly :)


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