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Posted by Paco ( on August 01, 2001 at 20:15:49:

In Reply to: CH triggered by mold exposure posted by Kevin on August 01, 2001 at 17:53:46:

I figure there are many triggers--anything that affects hormonal levels, for example. That probably includes a bunch of substances that are inhaled, eaten, or even absorbed through the skin. There seems to be some merit in belief that anything that affects oxygen supply levels can trigger attacks. Let's not forget two facts: If you are not chronic or in a cycle, nothing triggers a CH. Shit, if a double Jack Daniel's don't make yo haid hurt, nothing will. None of these things cause clusters. What causes clusters is a dirty little motherfucker that has wormed its way to the brain's central control. Let's face the facts: We are fucked. All the meds and all the crying and gnashing of teeth cannot change the little doodle imbedded in our hypothingamajimmies. Perhaps the thingamajimmy "thinks" that it is not receiving its normal supply of oxygen and dilates the vessels that cause pain. I dunno. Maybe the pain just starts because the thingamajimmy says something is out of whack, therefore, you hurt. Here's the thing: IT DOESN'T MATTER. What matters to us, at this time, when there is no recourse, is that we try to do two things: prevent the MF from getting through the door, or killing the MF if he gets through the door. If you are chronic, you must do both at the same time. I think it is a waste of time looking for cures, especially on this board. The cure will come from the data base of our experiences and biological measurements, if anyone ever gets around to gathering them. OUCH can provide that, but only with a lot of guidance, cooperation and commitment from all its members, working with medical professionals who are also committed to pinning this evil fuck down and stomping its ass into the dirt. Ahem. Pardon the emotional outburst. All the whining about how we suffer will not bring us closer to ridding ourselves of this thing. Our ONLY hope, as I see it, is a reasoned, concerted cooperation with the medical research community. Only OUCH can make that happen. If you suffer from clusters, and you are not a member of OUCH, then you must join. Do you want to help find an end to this unbearable abomination? Join OUCH. Work for OUCH. Contribute to OUCH. You cannot simply post to this MB and commiserate and share your agony and hope for someone to tell you what to do to get rid of your fucked up head! If you don't have the $25 for membership, someone will provide it. Don't let that stop you from helping. Okay--I'm gonna piss off a bunch of you: Stop whining about clusters and start doing something about them. Most of us have been to ER's, beaten our heads against the walls, taken every goddam substance that any idiot recommended, fucked up our livers, lost our jobs, lost our self-respect, lost our spouses, lost everything--and still we go on sobbing about HMO's, SSI, neuros, ERs, our families who don't understand, our lost careers, our lost ambitions, our lost self-respect, our lost lives. This emotional gathering of desperate peeps on this MB, as comforting as the heartfelt messages have become, is not the answer to our dilemma. Get with the fucking program.

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