I can COMPLETELY understand....

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Posted by Brad W. ( on August 20, 2001 at 03:22:08:

In Reply to: F*^%!$ Idiots!!!!! posted by Todd Owen on August 20, 2001 at 00:41:04:


I'm sorry about your problems with the ER. I have had some similar experiences. I used to have a theory about it. (Please noone take offense because my theory has changed.) When I would end up in the ER so much in ONE WEEK, I noticed that the female triage nurses weren't as understanding (it seemed) as the male ones. I would dread it when a female doc came to examine me. I got to where my thinking was that if a female was going to triage me, then I was in for a long wait. It was horrible, because the ones there sometimes REALLY think that you've "just got a headache".......NOT!!!!!!! Some of them do NOT understand what we are going through. They just see you as a number in line.

Anyway, back to my theory. I found out (at the same ER) that I was WRONG. It just depends on who you get and what (in my opinion) they have PERSONNALY experienced with CH, or migraine for that matter. You see, CH doesn't send me to the ER....the pain I've learned to deal with one way or another, it's the migraine and vomiting that I can't handle. Anyway, I ended up in the ER one nite about 3am. A female nurse triaged me and told me that her mother was a CH sufferer. This seemed to be my lucky night. See, like you, I get BP about 170/130 or in that range when I get these.....terrible. She immediately took me to what I call the "migraine" room cuz they can turn the lights off. The Doc was in within 2 minutes! I couldn't believe it! The Doc was more concerned about my BP than the headache especially after looking at my file....cuz I have had several cat scans....all negative. Anyway, long story ending, the nurse came back in the room NO MORE THAN 5 minutes later. I still couldn't believe it. She hooked up an IV cuz of the vomiting and dehydration and gave me 10 mgs of morphine IV with phenergen. No more headache.

I found out before they released me that the Doc that saw me was a 'headache specialist'....not a neuro, but specialized in headaches. She was not set up for private practice unfortunately. Was covering the ER. Anyway, the way I see it, going to the ER is like going to Vegas. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. That's why when I go, I make DAMN sure that I am in REAL bad shape....cuz I'm not gonna pay all that money (I don't have insurance) if I don't get treated. To me "treated" at that stage is morphine or demeral and phenergen. NOTHING else works at that stage. Sometimes, you'll go in and get a Doc that won't give those to you for a 'headache'....damn docs don't know their Ass from a whole in the ground. They've tried O2 in the ER, Toradol, Imitrex, DHE (which is the only thing that gave me relief other than opiates).....you just have to explain to them I guess.

I hope that you will get much better. I know what you're going through........babble on.....there are some great peeps here that can help.


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