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Posted by Todd Owen ( on August 20, 2001 at 00:41:04:

Went to the damned ER tonight. Would be able to avoid it, but the moron family doc ran out of triplicate prescription forms and hasn't been able to write me anything stronger than Vicodin for the last six weeks. Been hitting the ER about once a week with an out of control HA, ranging 9-10 on the scale. Been gettign nailed with four to six HA's a day, each spending anywhere from 1-3 hours ramping up before they decide to slowly die down. Only problem is that one will not have fully ramped down before the next one kicks in. The damned things build on themselves. Imitrex isn't working on this one right now, neither is O2. Went to the damned ER tonight, got in there, and had this one triage nurse who's a moron. Writes down that my blood pressure is 150/100 with me sayign the pain is at a 9, then drops me at the end of the line behind the guy with the sniffles. An hour and a half later, as this thibng builds to a f-ing 10 on the scale, I beg the damn nurse to give me an idea hoq long itss going to take to get seen and get some relief, I'm pounding my head into the wall next to the window. I know my BP has gone thropugh the roof by thuis time, and get told that there's only one person ahead of me, the guy with the runny nose, and that they're really busy, not to worry. fifteen mintues later I ran out the door, reaching for my bag in the car. nother blast of imitrex and try to get this under contro, then just the hell with it and have the wife run me home. It still hasn't broke yet, and I'm havuing a hard tim e seeing straight to write this, and I'm pissed. I guess my BP going up don't mean squat. I've walked in with BP's of 190/150 with this moron triage nurse, and she puts me at the back of the pile, cuz after all, I'm just complaining of a headache is all, right? Take two fucking aspirin and don't call in the mornibng. I'ev come home and already put my hand through the door to the garage, trying to find something to contain myself and the pain, byut I can't. I just want this to stop, I want a little fucking help, but thast can't happen, I'm just whining aboput a little fucking headache, right? It doesn't really hurt, it can't be that bad, it can't be xdrivinmg me out of my FUCKING mind!~!!!!! Goddamend moron nurse. I was in two weeks ago, the triage nurse saw my BP up at 170/110 and immediately put me in the back and had the doc come check me out, said it was too high, it was dangerous being that high. Oh wekll, I can pop a blood vessel in my brain and it won't matter to this bitch one way or another. sorry about the rant, I just don't know where else to go or what else to do.

]Todd Owen

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