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Posted by henk ( on September 04, 2001 at 13:04:44:

In Reply to: Let me put your mind at rest posted by Flash on September 04, 2001 at 03:08:51:

It's tricky to keep things clear....
There's drug use, drug dependency, drug addiction, drug abuse.
There are right drugs ( medicine) and wrong drugs (party stuff that aint no party if used in a bad way). To make it more difficult: "party drugs" can be medicine as well :-)
And last nut not least: some substances are legal, some are not.

To start with the latter: shrooms can be purchased in normal shops with good advice in the Netherlands. So illegality is no issue for me.
Also docters prescribe opiates in a legal way.
But in doing so, they get parients hooked to it sometimes. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, I just want to state that docters prescribe stuff that's *very* adictive.

Shrooms are *not* adictive. They simply wont work the next day. It's also no escape from all day life: I won't trip on the day before a dentist appointment *evil grin*.

Now the main point:
Yes, LSD/shrooms can be abused. But does the fact that some people do also mean that I do too? Do drug abusers have the same reason for using the stuff as I do?
I'm sure this is *not* the case.
Also we all know the difference between a social drink and a "problem" drink.

So it's not OK to just heap up the 'abuse' part with the 'medicinal part'.

I got scared when I tried to buy shrooms and the shop appeared to be closed. Shop no 2: the same. I went like: "shit!". That scared me and I gave it some thoughts. I was afraid to have nothing at hand to strike the beast with. My problem was *not* that I could not trip that night. And that makes it no different than running out on O2 or verapamil. Usually I resupply before I run out!
And this was no different.

And now the last point: it differs when a docter prescribes someting, or when you do it on your own. But what can a doctor do? He has some boxes of pills on his shelf, and basically it's trial and error to find out what works.
Docs are reluctant when it comes to these kind of substances. They don't want to have it on the shelf as it would potentially give rise to lots of nasty discussions.

It's my guess that the medical community needs many success stories to get drawm over the line when it comes to halucinogenic treatment.

Well, I'm glad to be one of the guinnee piggs.
And i would very much like to see the outcome of proper clinical trials......

Cheers. And may everybody find the treatment that suits him/her.


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