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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on September 24, 2001 at 16:45:06:

I received this report from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. I was asked to post it on the board so that the data will be available to all of us while the author's privacy remains protected.


Monday, August 27:
Iíve been in a light part of my cycle for the past 1 Ĺ weeks. First light cycle in 9 months. Iíve been chronic for 3 years and have been in a medium-high to high cycle for close to a year. I took about 2 Ĺ grams of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in a tea today at 2 PM. Oddly, I felt a slight rush of it hitting me almost immediately. Within an hour I was hit with a kip 5. Oxygen knocked it out in 10 minutes, which hasnít happened for a long time. Oxygen has rarely ABORTED an attack in a while; when the O2 would have any effect it would just drop the pain level down a notch or two. I shadowed on and off all throughout the day. At 5 PM I was hit with a 10 and even though O2 NEVER touches 10s at all, this time the pain was knocked out in 15 minutes! At 6:30 PM I got hit by an 8 for an hour with the O2 doing nothing. I was hit with 1-2 hour Kip 5-6s from 8 PM-11:30 AM of the next morning that O2 did nothing for. There were only 15-30 minutes between attacks.

Tuesday, August 28 to Friday, August 31
Tuesday, 11:30 a.m. until Friday at 1 AM: no attacks. Only some shadows of Kip 1-3. Sometimes I felt a "precursor to attack" tingling in the scalp, but thatís it. In the past Iíve had many attacks with no tingling warning me but I've never before had the tingling with no attacks. Also, sometimes I would feel pressure on the temple and stuffy nose on ipsilateral side. Went out drinking tonight. No attacks.

Friday , August 31
Kip 4 hits just past midnight. It was battled and I won in 15 minutes without using O2. I've noticed that any shadows Iíve had since Tuesday would leave on their own in 15 minutes. The beast is surely getting an ass kicking this week and hasnít been able to do much to me. At 1 AM I get hit by a 5. Did O2 after 30 minutes. It lasted another 30 minutes. Got hit with a 5 again a few hours later. Attack gone 20 minutes after that. At 8:45 AM I woke up with a Kip 6. Motherfucker is getting itís strength back. O2 put it back down in 30ish minutes. 7PM, Kip 6. O2 did well in 15 minutes.

Saturday, September 1:
Shadows off and on all day. Hit at 1 am this morning with a 5. Oxygen took care of it but it came right back so back on the O2. Gone for good in 45 minutes. 4 AM, Kip 8 for the first 2 hours of 3 hour hit, then Kip 5 for the remaining hour. 4 more hits throughout the day. Worried Iím being sent into medium cycle. I get about 5 attacks in medium cycle and 10 in the heavy cycles. And they usually are Kip 7s or higher. Some of these are 7s, some 10s, but still some 5s.

Monday, Sept. 3:
I got hit 4 times today but only 4-5s and O2 worked well.

Tuesday, Sept.4: SECOND DOSE OF TEA
Hit twice by 10s this morning, so I had more tea at 1:30 while shadowing. 2 grams this time. Felt rush immediately again. Shadows came every 15 minutes but no attacks for 8 hours. Then a Kip 6. Gone in 30 minutes with help of O2.

Wednesday, Sept 5:
Only 1 attack today, although it was a Kip 7. Gone in Ĺ hour with O2. Shadowed a lot today though.

Thursday, Sept 6:
Exactly like yesterday. Just 1 hit and many shadows.

Friday, Sept 7:
2 Kips 5s today. No shadows. Went out, stupidly, to the bar. But I wasnít hit.

Saturday, Sept 8:
No attacks today.

Sunday, Sept 9:
Woke up with Kip 4. Only 30 minutes of it.

Monday, Sept 10:
Same as yesterday.

Tuesday, Sept 11: ASSHOLES attack WTC, Pentagon. Hits coming on and off today. First one was during WTC attack. I was on 02 with a kip 6 and the TV broadcast was broken into saying terrorists hit WTC. Then another crash shortly afterwards. Still on O2. Thatís where I was when the crashes happened. Sitting in my house getting hit and on O2, trying to listen to the CBS morning news show as a distraction. And then they interrupted the program with the news. I got hit on and off a lot today and lots of shadows.

Wednesday & Thursday, Sept. 12-13:
Same as yesterday.Seems like I need more tea.

Friday, Sept.14: THIRD DOSE OF TEA
Took tea (only 1 gram this time) at 1 PM. A few hits today and lots of shadows for about 12 hours. Last time the shadows and attacks were also only for 12 hours after drinking the tea, but the first time it was for almost 24 hours. After that the beneficial effects would start.

Monday Sept 24: Ten days later
Since taking the tea on Friday Iíve had maybe 6-7 attacks in 10 days. One of them was very early this morning. Most of the attacks were in the first 2-3 days after taking it. Iíve been going a few days at a time with no attacks at all and sometimes no shadows higher than a Kip 2. The "tingling" even takes a couple of days off sometimes. Iíve done the shroom tea three times in one month and havenít done so well with my head in a long time.

Conclusion: Chronics, take note!

While it hasnít cured me yet, it has come pretty close. Iíve got intractable CHs with no "normal" preventatives doing anything for me in a number of years, and no abortive except oxygen, and even the O2 is usually hit and miss: if itís going to work at all, it only helps slightly.

But this is doing wonders for me and my head. My light cycles are never this light and they NEVER last more than 2 weeks. With the tea itís the lightest cycle Iíve had since turning chronic a few years back and, although needing to redo the tea to keep it that way, itís also the longest light cycle Iíve had.

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