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Posted by Marshall Van Stone ( on October 03, 2001 at 02:35:08:

Hello all you sufferers out there. How is it going? I have posted here a few times in the past couple or more years, and I have yet another question regarding doctors and medication. OK, first of all, let me say that I take a combination of Stadol nasal spray and imitrex injection to get rid of my headaches... works like a charm within like 15 minutes. However, due to the lackluster abilities of my doctor's office, many of my phone-in refill calls for Stadol have not gotten through, which forces me to call back again. However, all of the calls I make are taken down in my personal record. My doctor now thinks that I have called WAY too much, and have been receiving way too many refills and of stadol over the past 2 years or so... which just isn't so. To make a long story short, he will NOT give me any more Stadol. Now, I understand that he is concerned for my well-being, as Stadol is a narcotic and should be used with caution and care. The thing is, every other drug he gives me just doesn't work. I am a full time student and I work a very demanding part-time job, and I don't have time to mess around with medications and headaches. I flunked out of school 5 years ago because I didn't have medication that helped with my migraines until we found the COMBO of Stadol and Imitrex (I just take smaller doses of both - not the full dose of either). Now I fear, as my cycle is starting up again fairly soon as "scheduled", that I may be in the same horrible situation again, trying new drugs that don't work. I have talked to him about all of this and explained it all in detail, but he neither believes or trusts me. Bottom line: no more stadol.
My question is, what can I do to obtain one of the two medicines that work for me? I am going to see a doctor on my campus tomorrow and will try to obtain this from them, simply saying that this works and that this is what I have always used... will I have to give them my medical records? Will I have to let them correspond with my current doctor now? Is there any possible way to avoid all of this hassle and get the medicine? My insurance company has FINALLY decided to let me have these medicines at reasonable intervals, right when my doctor decides that I can't. Any help or insights on this matter would greatly be appreciated. If you could please privately email me, that would be great. But feel free to post to the board too for I will check it, and the info may be useful to others in the same position. Thanks in advance.


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