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Posted by hedferst ( on October 03, 2001 at 13:13:48:

well its been almost 1 month since my initial dose ~2 grms)..taken mid cycle..was CH free for about 3 days..then shadows that sometimes peaked at 6's...never interrupted sleep though..redosed exactly one week later)~4grms)..went CH free for several days..then in my haste tried to relax with mother nature..bad move...redosed 2grms one week later while acute with a 7...since then i have gone 2 weeks...have had exactly 2 ch's one 5 and one today 4 or so..cannot find any more supplies..although i have tried like the dickens!...i did order on the net for everything i need..and unfortunately I ordered a starter kit for an aquarium (gave $60 bucks on credit card)3 weeks ago..never showed up and the site is now down!...however i am holding out hope for the syringes (sent cash in mail) due in the next few days....considering i spent $1200 on imitrex injectors last july alone...loosing the $60 isn't the end of the world..hey i don't need to eat EVERYDAY :)...interestingly enough, i find now in this altered and very manageable cycle (often times tylenol or ibuphrofen gets rid of the shadows) I am more succeptible to barometric swings..seems to me when it rains (in s florida we have seen our share of rain in the last few weeks) it intensifies the shadows..interesting...and the physiology of the attacks have changed...i find more sinus pain than eye pain...also i wonder how the psyclocybin actually works..because if it is intended to "re-adjust" your brain chemistry..then why do the shadows continue? i suppose i expected all or nothing...and am curious as to why my cycle has continued for what is almost 2 months and 2 weeks (i can have cycles run as long as 3 months)albeit at an altered state..i have read ALL the links posted here and can't seem to figure it out (then again i am no flash or heros incidentally) it possible it has affected the larger arteries (the diagram on one of the links shows the nerves and arteries and it seems a big artery runs into the eye(optic nerve???....any thoughts??

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