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Posted by Jim R on October 19, 2001 at 07:52:34:

I'm mainly writing this now to help get my mind off the pain developing on the left side of my head right now...(my past cycles have usually involved the right side) Had another really bad night, last night. Usually my headaches build fast to a crescendo, stay there a while, and then subside rather rapidly after hitting this peak, but last night, stayed at the crescendo for 2 hours and then subsided only about half. Had two in the night that awoke me, but was able to go back to sleep. This morning as I write this, the beast is building again. On 240 mgs. SR verapamil, which has done the trick for 10 years until now. Last night bumped it up to 360 mgs. and took a chlorphenramine maleate antihistamine tablet (used to help for a while before being placed on verapamil) and it seemed worse than ever because of its atypical cycle described above. Have a doc appt. Monday and am going to try to get a script for 02 to see if that can help abort, since my prophylaxis no longer seems to be working,In the 10 years I've basically been CH free, I forgot how bad they are, how miserable and helpless one feels. I would characterize last night's as a 9 bordering on 10...just when it reaches the crescendo, I think, deparately, I can't take the pain any more, then usually thats it and it begins to subside; but not last night. The antihistamine doesn't seem to be having any effect anymore, and that was my "backup." I tried walking briskly in the cold New England air last night, but no effect (except maybe made it worse?)Triggers for me are: beer - the big one; heat, looking at a computer screen, reading fine print, sometimes driving (? head in one position too long). Last night's pain behind left eye, jaw - into throat, and NEW shooting ear pains. L eye completely bloodshot, tearing, ptosis, swollen; nasal congestion on left and NEW - right too this time; shooting pains into throat and a constriction, achy, feeling. No "my teeth are exploding pains" on the left side, I guess (reserved for variety for the right, apparently) Fun, fun, fun. Wait - my current headache has begun to disapate - wonderful!Good luck and best, heartfelt, wishes to all CH sufferers. It IS A CURSE! Thanks for bearing with me through this one.Jim R

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