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Posted by Scott Gatewood on October 22, 2001 at 00:14:58:

Yesterday, I experienced a headache (and I don't get headaches)that resembled a very extreme ice cream headache. A very short duration headache I can easily get by eating cold ice cream too fast. This headache yesterday sent me reeling and stomping about the house with sever pain around and behind my right eye socket and right sinus. My right neck ached like I had strained it. My sinus was clear. It lasted about 30 minutes and vanished. Now, this evening, I write to you because I had another one (not nearly as sever).In fear and concern, my wife called a nurse who said I had a cluster headache. With this second one, I had to research for myself.I'm 37 years old, great health, no family history of anything. The last week or so, I've been a little dehydrated, so it would seem, due to dry sinus and slittly chapped lips (which is unusual). Then this. I must say that it was strikingly similar to what my brothers and I call an ice cream headache. Todays was similar while yeterday's was Extreme. The ice cream headache would last only 15-60 seconds, but this lasted 20 or more minutes and must of killed something.Last night (before it happen) I visited my folks and had two 4 oz glasses of cheep Wrine wine with dinner followed by some chips while taking in football. In the past week, I did clean my folks two furnaces, exposing my sinuses to some dusty stuff. I share this because I feel as though these two headaches may have something to do with my right sinus membrane. Perhaps an infection that in causing constriction of blood vessel(s) like the ice cream in the roof of my mouth causing constrition and the very short duration "ice cream headache." Somewhat contradictory though, an infection from the dry sinus and dust/mold exposure would cause my sinus(es) to swell, becoming clogged, but they're pretty clear. Just dry.Anyway, hope this might help all of you research a fix. Lord knows, I begged for one last night while I pounded the floor for 20 minutes.From the survay I just took here, I'd say that the Nurse made a good suggestion.Where do I begin to heal this?

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