Sometimes this makes my headaches go away

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Posted by Shane on October 30, 2001 at 15:01:19:

Ok I was reading through some of your suggestions on how to make the headache's go away. Well over the years I have myself come up with some strange techniques that work on occasions and don't on others. Here are some things that have helped me.

First of all I forgot to mention that in rare occurences I get sharp constant pain on my neck when getting the headaches...this usually occurs about 10% of the time. When I get these headaches with the neck hurting (always on the same side as the headache) I usually will do my daily routine of pushing on my temple, followed by moving my head to the left as far as it can go and push sections of my I said this dosen't always make it better...but sometimes does.

I also have some weird techniques on how a push on my face. Sometimes if I am lucky I can find up to 6 pressure points on my face (usually around my right eye and then close to my ear and jaw). What I will usually do is place my fingers on these points and push as hard as possible...sometimes this leads to me closing my eye completly or opening it completly. This is the most embarrasing one to do...because when I find this to help I am usually pacing around the house and telling everyone to leave me alone and that I am having one of my headaches.....I should get someone to take a picture of me doing this sometime.

I am always known around my friends to be pacing when my headache's come. Sometime I will pace around the house for up to a hour...and as usual I always have my fingers pryed around my temple. I sometimes will go outide for a walk if its late at night and I happen to have my contacts on....sometime fresh air seems to make them go away faster.

Tonight Im actually going to stop taking over the counter junk and see if it has any effect....I'm very cautious about this...but I want to elimate the factors out.

On my last suggestion of what helps me guys are going to seriously think I am crazy....but I have read a few suggestions here that make me think. As some of you know I am 22 years old so of course i got the craziness still in me. I have both my nipples peirced and another piercing called a PA. This is rare...but sometimes I can pull on these peircings really hard to the point where it stings alot and it will make the pain appear to be less. I don't know what is up with me....but I have this weird fixation on pain being distributed evenly/parrallel. This may sound weird....but the fact that my headaches are always on one side really bugs me because it seems to be so freaking concentrated that its worse. I pull on the peircings to try and match levels of pain on other sections of my body so I don't concentrate on one area. Yopu guys probally think I'm nuts...but its just a weird thing that I have with pain. I much rather experience pain on both even sides of my body...or 2 different places at once then in one freaking area....that is why I hate my headache;s so much....its alway concentrated (despite the occansional neck problems with them) on my right eye and I hate it!!

Anyway I hope some of my suggestions help people out. I have tried quiting smoking and for a breif moment (4 days) I got no headache's///I think that was just a fluke because they came i said fux it and started smoking again.

Can others please post there suggestions on how they make the pain go away or tollerable (tollerable to me during these headaches is not wanting to scream, yell or kill someone).

BTW have you guys ever heard of serious attacks where people have commited suicide or done drastic things to there heads? I remember a movie called Pi (symbol actually) and I think I recall the guy getting headaches...anyway he drilled a hole in his head at the end.

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