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Posted by MikeB on November 06, 2001 at 02:29:52:

In Reply to: I'm in lot of pain and I nneed to type posted by Charles on November 06, 2001 at 01:14:51:

I was about to try to go lay down with a pillwo over my head and do a litle dancing myself. Be quite as I can and not wake everyone up. I know it sounds like paltry bullshit. But you just gotta hang on till the pain passes and keep on keepin on. I know it may sound hard to believe but I and many others here know EXACTLY what it feels like man. It is terrible and it is horribly unfair. It is a very strange thing because it does not leave damage to the brain or anything like that. Just pure unadulterated pain and torture the like of which most people will never know. It has and still does take me down to the very depths. But, I know that good things do come along and good things do happen. One just has to try and be strong and wait for them to happen. Many people seem to go through different stages with this. Some hit upon the right combination of meds or alternatives and get their CH's under control, others just stop having them for awhile. Some do not. You are young my friend. And that is not meant in any kind of demeaning way. I am just saying that you have a long life ahead of you in which many things can happen and change. There will be many things which will happen that will make you smile. It is inevitable. If you can just hang on, eventually somegting good will happen. So, anyway. I know I do not know evrything. I do know that a human beoing can take an amazing amount of pain and misery and keep on truckin. I myself have no meds, no O2 or insurance or anmything to defend myself fromn these CH's. I have been having them pretty much continuosly for about... Let's see... well many months now. Cannot remember right now. I am glad that you got on the computer and typed away some of your frustrations. Sometimes that is the only way to get it out. To just talk. We are here for you bro. Even if it is just to listen. Rant and rave if you need to. That is the purpose of this board. To help CH'ers deal with it. No offense taken. And, I myself am not inconvienienced. You are not a piece of shit. And you do not deserve this tiorture. I do not either and so many of the rest of us here do not as well. If I say I feel sorry for you, know that I feel sorry for myself and the others here who have the CH's as well. But it ain't about pity bro. It's about compassion. And offering a helping hand or word. Someitmes, just a few words can give one enough strength to carry on. Sometimes not. Your not battling this alone. I don't know bro. All I can say is I'll keep on hanging onto my rope if you'll keep hanbging onto yours. I got to get off this computef. Have heart bro. Try not to hurt yourself or anyone around you. Look for the good things which WILL come along. I already know your tough. You can and will make it. I will be making some special prayers for you in the sweat loidge when I get there bro. I will remember you to God and ask him to send you some health and help. And some pain free time. Some peace and happiness would be good to. Ah, I am not talking straight and I am CH'n and I am tired and I am disheartened. But, if we have nothing else in common at all, we are brohters and sisters together in this CH thing. So, you ain't gotta listen to a thing I say bro. But, having had these for a decade or more, hang on and it will get better. Believe me. There will be good times. Hoping you get some pain free time soon...Love, mikeB

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