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Posted by mike on November 19, 2001 at 12:42:10:

i have had the same problem that maddog has had. his problem is very real and is even worse with people that suffer from CH as well.

if you actually read his first message he wrote out several paragraphs concerning his CH history as well as his new headache.

only in one statment did he go into very breif detail as to how he got the headache. and that is because he masterbated.

if you people cant be mature enough to handle one remark about a natural behavior which caused a person horrible pain. then you shouldnt be here.

this board is for helping CH sufferers. giving negative feedback to someone who is in desparate need of help and making fun of him is exactly what we are not supposed to do here.

Grow up guys. it also seems that the only people that had a problem with it were a couple of guys. and that the supportive ones so far have been women.

if we cant be more supportive here im not sure i want to be a part of this message board either. someday i might have an embarrising event that i need some advice on and i wont want to get alot of harrasment for asking my questions.

please tell me that the rest of the people here are not as bad as the couple of a-holes that seem to have fun making someone else feel even worse about there headaches. lets not make him suffer more.

and as for the a-holes i wish upon you the headaches that both maddog and I also suffer from. exertional headaches at the same time with a CH is the most painful event i have ever experianced. I have had 2 back surgeries multiple broken bones, i've been in hundreds of fights growing up in chicago where i was beated to a bloody mess with baseball bats, chains, and getting kicked all over when i was down, kicked in the face with steel-toe boots. I have been through pain like most people will never experiance. and i have got up every time. the only thing worse then having a CH is having one with an exertional headache.

i've had exertional headaches without a CH and they are just as bad by themselfs. so the two together im sure is a feeling most people here havent felt.

but when someone comes here after going through that and isn't sure what is wrong and needs help. WHY THE F--K ARE THERE PEOPLE HERE GIVING HIM A HARD TIME!!!!

you have no idea how bad i want to beat the crap out of the a-holes here. if you couldn't tell this hole thing has me very angry.

well thanks for letting me vent. and please people, lets try and be more supportive with other peoples problems. we might not all be as perfect as you and we might do things that you might be offended by. but if we are here then we need help. lets not loose sight of that.

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