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Posted by Matt ( on December 19, 2001 at 00:52:58:

In Reply to: Wait a minute Frank............ posted by don on December 18, 2001 at 22:56:32:

Please read all of this. Yes, I can see where the disbelief would set in. Believe it or not there are five of us between the ages of 19 to 24. It's taken me six years to find these guys all over Texas. Of course, like I said, only four of us live together. We are the best support each other can have (plus you guys). Other people our age really can't relate to the problems each of us face, so friends that are true friends are hard to come by. We all have the same classes so we won't miss anything and we all bust our ass in a plant nursery to pay rent. Part time jobs are hard to get with this beast. I again apologize for Jon's actions, he's a loose cannon. I knew that most of ya'll wouldn't even consider the fact that kids being able to come together like ya'll have, so I don't blame Jonny or anyone else for any ridicule. Hey, when I said "keep up the good work," I meant it in every respectable way, mainly towards DJ for the great site. I don't post for one reason, the rest of the boys will want on there. I try to keep their posting to a minimum, you know, a question here and there. That's after we all look it up our selves and can't find the answer. I don't want these boys on that board any more than the next guy, trust me, I know how they can be. Actually, Jon's the only real bad one, but he ruins it for the rest. And no, I'm not their "big brother" but I am the oldest and the rent is in my name, so I got seniority. We read the board every day, all the time. We all have our favorite people on the board too. Believe it or not, Jon's favorite is Jonny. Go figure. We really want to go to a convention, but after this, it just might be me and Charles. He's an ouch member, and I'm getting a membership from my dad for Christmas. I know it might be tough but please remember us in your prayers, for we remember all of you, from you to Nancy to Jonny to Paco to even Doug....lol. I've been trying to get a hold of Doug and tell him to just e-mail me and to leave the board alone but he just won't listen. I'm babbling, it's no to often I get to talk to someone besides the boys. Well, Don, I hope you guys on the board find peace and quite, I'll be sure to unplug the keyboard here...lol. Oh, I didn't post this on the board cause I figured it would get slammed so if you would please....don't let me go out like a punk on the board...at least tell someone my e-mail and that they can e-mail me sometime. I plan on e-mailing letters (shorter of course) for Christmas soon to all of you guys for giving us boys the inspiration to be better in our everyday lives as clusterheads.....thank you Don.
Matthew E.

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