Questions: Family Medical Leave Act forms, Comments: tooth pain

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Posted by Kathy R ( on December 21, 2001 at 20:42:09:

First off I want to wish EVERYONE a most special, happy and blessed Christmas. It is the season for miracles and we ALL know what miracle us clusterheads are hoping for!!!
My question is: have any of you submitted the FMLA forms to stop discrimination by your employers for missing work due to our chronic illness??? I just notified my Human Resource representative to begin the process... and, man, it sounds like it is going to be quite a process. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. Never once in my 30 yr career (radiology technologist... and no, I've never injured a patient in any way!!!) have I gotten written up for ANY reason... can't say that anymore!! I was "written up" for missing too many unscheduled days (4 in the last 5 months). Never mind how many days I show up that I am in excruciating pain with "post-cluster ca-ca" after hours of dancing with the beast! They never say, 'gee, I know you are in pain... thanks for being a great employee and working your ass off all the time and especially when we know you feel so bad'!!! It sure sucks!!! Anyway, just curious about what to expect regarding the "process" of the FMLA forms... and when you need answers you always go to the experts...right??? You guys are definitely the experts!!!
My comment regarding the teeth pain associated with the cluster attack... my experience is that along with the piercing pain in my eye, cheek, nose and back of my neck... I also have pain in EVERY tooth on my left side.. it's as tho they are all abscessed.. even the roof of my mouth, left side of my tongue and down that side of my throat. Along with exerting strong, strong pressure at certain pressure points on my face, I also hold an ice cube in my mouth for as long as I can stand it...then alternate it with hot coffee or green tea.. we'll do ANYTHING to get through it, won't we!!!
I hope this will help some of you... God knows you have helped me in so very many ways. I regained some sanity when I found this site.. in fact, I think it truly saved my life... such that it is!!!
Praying for all of us to have pain free days and nights! Love to all. Kathy

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