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Posted by Margi ( on January 17, 2002 at 10:17:35:

In Reply to: ramblings of a lunatic....... posted by Monique on January 17, 2002 at 01:24:42:

We DO forget what it's like to live with CH. We tend to block it out of our memories in order to find some semblance of normal life. When the Beast returns, it's like a cold slap in the face and we are plunged into despair all over again.
Tempers flare, emotions run high, sleep deprivation gets the best of us. We get pretty good at walking on eggshells and acting as a buffer. We sleep with one eye open, going WAY overboard on the 'mother's ears' theory, and we watch the clock to either time the current attack or await the next one. This isn't quality of life. This is just existence when a cluster cycle hits. We beat ourselves up saying "I shoulda tried harder to get the shrooms", or "Damn, why didn't I order a new tank of oxygen?" We blame ourselves, that this must somehow be OUR fault that a cycle is back.
But, it's no one's fault. Not ours, not the sufferers, not the weather, not financial stress, not general health. It's just life in Clusteropolis. It's the hand we are dealt.
But, Mrs. Roadknight, you are forgetting a crucial rule for supporters' sanity. Me time. Even if it's just half an hour. You need to shut your office door, when you know there isn't an attack happening or looming of course, and take some time for yourself. Meditate. Contemplate your naval. Block everything else out. Re-center yourself and force yourself to see the big picture. Print out Piper's post from yesterday. Put it up on your wall. Read it. Make and take this time for yourself - you'll be stronger for yourself and for Greg as a result.
And when this cycle leaves your family, I expect to see your lumpy leg and smiling face on my doorstep. Airmiles, woman, Airmiles. The foamy is cleaned. Hell, I'll even try to tame the dust bunnies, just for YOU.
Better yet, Mike's talking about doing a winter camping trip. Bring your old man and we'll send them out to the mountains for the weekend. They can drink their tea together and celebrate the end of their cycles in WESTERN fashion!
If you think I'm kidding, then you are sadly mistaken. Our gal Nic is talkin' to me here. She's gettin' pretty pissed at you.

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