Mushrooms ~ Nature's gift to the cluster impaired

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Posted by Bob Wold ( on February 12, 2002 at 12:44:34:

Sorry it's been so long since my last update on my mushroom treatment. I've been catching up on 20+ years of life in hell.
I also wanted to get past my most likely cycle milestones and see what happened before trumpeting this treatment again. I, like most of you, have tried things that made me think I'd found the "magic bullet" only to find me once again searching for a "gun powder propelled bullet."
I made it past my usual "fall" season and Christmas and retreated myself at the six month mark when I noticed a few shadows making an appearance.

The 4th of July, 2001, was the date of my original treatment. Since the clusters disappeared completely following that treatment period, they have not returned. The treatment at the six-month period wiped out the shadows.

I have since trained my dog to work the computer and he was able to learn the growing methods and he tells me that he has been quite successful. Heaven only knows where he's stashing his harvests. When he goes out at night, I never know if he's out farming or looking for other dogs.

I see that surgery is being discussed, as usual. I also visited Dr. Matthew and Dr. Hurt in Houston, prior to my decision to treat myself with shrooms. All the good things people say about Dr. Matthew are well justified. I would have gone through the surgery had I not been one that had clusters that switch sides. I actually had them switch sides *during* a cycle. Don't let them tell you it doesn't happen. Mine actually switched sides one time, back and forth in one night. I was being hit with a left, right, left, right pattern for three days. After taking a beating like that, I think I coulda been Champ!!!
Anyway, I digress.....I knew the possibility that the clusters would have returned on the side opposite the surgery and even inquired about having the surgery on both sides. I also investigated Gamma Knife surgery at the UIC and was approved for that surgery. I was also accepted and willing to have the doc in Pa., drill two holes in my skull to install teflon on my nerves.

These were my next options along with another IV histamine treatment.

I'm very happy that the shrooms worked so well and hopefully I'll never have to consider the surgery options again.

I wrote to my doctor and several others that I know are leading doctors and researchers in the field, and explained why I hadn't needed *any* meds in months.
The reception was a good one.
I did try to persuade a couple people to bring up the subject at the large, well attended, headache convention in Ariz. but was told that since these things are usually at least partially funded by pharmaceutical companies, that isn't likely to happen. They didn't feel like getting tossed out on their ears.
There are some people ready and willing to bring it up should the opportunity arise.

The word is getting out though through doctors that are doing research on the WWW. Their hands are pretty much tied at this point with it being illegal to do research. That and the fact that they are under enough scrutiny as it is with the DEA when it comes to prescribing opiods for pain relief. They all have to walk a fine line just to be able to offer the treatments that *are* legal. At least in the US.
I'll keep you all informed.

Sorry to see you're all being hounded by your own personal troll. Too bad my dog can't have a talk with him. Maybe he'll catch up to him one night when he's doing shroom research. ;-)

Thanks again to all here that have helped with information and support.


Bob Wold
(ready and more then willing to discuss this treatment with sufferers, caregivers, doctors, researchers and the stray government official that might be reading)

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