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   Stats for shrooms treatment (gathered by TommyD)
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   Author  Topic: Stats for shrooms treatment (gathered by TommyD)  (Read 1937 times)


Stats for shrooms treatment (gathered by TommyD)
« on: Dec 23rd, 2003, 6:46am »
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This was sent internally though Cluster Busters, but it's something a lot of people have been asking for so I've posted it here also.  In addition i will append this same information to the big thread so that it doesn't become lost.
The person that did all this work is TommyD, the following extract is in TommyD's words lifted directly fropm his post.  I hope he doesn't mind me posting this!!!
Please also be aware that Cluster Busters has full details of all these case historys.
"There are treatment reports from a total of 71 people.  56 are positive reports; 15 are negative, questionable or indeterminant.  
Of the total, there are 18 reports from chronics, 36 from episodics, and 17 reports are undetermined - meaning I couldn't figure out for sure from the reports whether the clusterhead was chronic or episodic.
Successful treatment reports, total = 56 (78.9% )
Negative treatment reports, total = 15 (21.1%)
Successful treatment reports from chronics = 11 (61.1 %)
Negative or questionable reports from chromics = 7(38.9 %)
Successful treatment reports from episodics = 31 (86.1 %)
Negative or questionable reports from episodics = 5 (13.9 %)
However - Not all the negative reports are outright failures of the treatment.  
Four of the reports are incomplete, with subject usually making at least some inital progress, but then the reports stop (or at least I can't find any further posts) after a week or two. Of these, 2 are chronic, 1 episodic, 1 unknown.  
In two other cases, one chronic one episodic, the treatment worked at first, then stopped. The chronic later tried the gamma knife procedure, results unknown.  
In another two cases, the treatment relievd the clusters, but the subjects decided to switch to another treatment. One of these cases was a chronic, and was having to dose weekly and was finding the trip
unpleasent, and switched to botox injections, which worked. The other did not indicate episodic or chronic, but the trips were unpleasent and included anxiety attacks. In these cases, psilocybin was effective, but not efficacious...or is it efficacious but not effective...
Two others, both episodic, had only very limited success, and went back to conventional meds.
Five had no luck at all. (three chronics, one episodic, one unknown).
Two of these reports may have come from the same person, but I'm not sure so I count both reports. Some of these reports show use of Imitrex or other meds during treatment -- however, there are also success reports from folks using Imitrex and such.  
Droppping the four incomplete reports from the calculation, we get an 83.6 percent success rate overall.  
Now understand this "survey" is completely unscientific and not generalizable. The sample is too small and the research methods invalid.  But the numbers fit with various estimates of success rates pretty well. I had been guessing conservatively at 80 percent.  
But I expect these numbers will hold up pretty well with scientific clinical trials. And I'm damn sure the ClusterBuster treatment beats any conventional med all to hell."
I'd like to add to this that most of the people trying this treatment have screwed up in one way or another.  This includes ineffective shrooms, overdosing, underdosing, running out of shrooms, failure to detox, failure to wait the alloted time between dosing, sneaking shots of Imitex, staying on other preventative meds, dosing at the worst possible moment, failing to take preventative doses...  
So taking all that into account and still achieving a success rate of over 80% is pretty astounding.  In my opinion the true success rate would be closer to 100%.   The bottom line is: DO IT PROPERLY AND IT WORKS.
Thanks again to Tommy D.
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Re: Stats for shrooms treatment (gathered by Tommy
« Reply #1 on: Dec 23rd, 2003, 9:23am »
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Excellent work.  This should be written up and reported in a medical journal.  It isn't a controlled experiment, but as far as anecdotal evidience goes, it is very strong.  This could pave the way for additional research and acceptability in the mainstream practice of medicine.  We need to find an MD in a country where this type of research is politically feasible.
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Re: Stats for shrooms treatment (gathered by Tommy
« Reply #2 on: Dec 24th, 2003, 10:39pm »
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Just a question:
Where can I find mushroom?
I never did drug except for small amount of pot but now I'm willing to try something else but don't want bad stuff or to be screwed (don't have a  lot of money either, immitrex don't ome cheap)
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Re: Stats for shrooms treatment (gathered by Tommy
« Reply #3 on: Dec 26th, 2003, 7:07am »
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Safest, best way to get mushrooms is to grow them yourself. Spores can be purchased from a number of suppliers.  Check out the website for some links, or hang around - those more experienced than me can recommend a source.
Possession of psilocybin mushroom spores are legal in many places, since the spores themselves contain no psilocybin. But spores are illegal in Calfornia and Georgia.  
Or you can travel to one of a few countries where mushrooms are legal, or very close to legal: in The Netherlands, they are sold openly in the "smart shops." Shrooms are legal to possess in the UK as well, as long as they are not dried or processed. Some shops in the UK have been selling them openly recently, though the law isn't clear and the authorities are thinking about stopping this practice.
There are also some islands in the Carribean where shrooms are legal, or at least ignored by law enforcement.  
Growing them takes time, and a certain amount of skill and luck, but I am told it isn't difficult, and less expensive than a dose or two of Imitrex. Me, I'm Mr. Black Thumb, but there are others who are good at it and can help walk you through it.
Good luck
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