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Just got on a new treatment that seems to work (Read 111 times)
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Just got on a new treatment that seems to work
Jul 7th, 2018 at 5:42pm
I found a doctor who specializes in headaches and is involved in research as well. He was a family doctor until his daughter committed suicide due to headaches at the age of 17. So he switched to focus on headaches. This works for me if I get these when the cycle is early on. I haven't tried it mid cycle yet. I get a nerve block injection at the base of my skull blocking the greater occipital nerve on each side. Insurance doesn't cover it unfortunately and costs me $200.00 but the theory is that it resets the nerve some how. I can say that I've been on this treatment the past year and a half and when the headache cycle begins I get the shot and they are gone. I've done the treatment 3 times in the past year and a half when in cycle. Once he was out of town so I started a prednisone cycle. When that finished the headaches came back and I went in for the shot. Got rid of them once again. Usually good for 3 to 6 months.

I'm in Utah and the guy is named Doctor Dan Henry. He's done interviews about his daughter and family for the local news.

Here's an article about him from the local tv news

can't post links but google "doctor dan henry interview" and it's the first linking to kutv news
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Re: Just got on a new treatment that seems to work
Reply #1 - Jul 8th, 2018 at 8:31pm
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Interesting article about how the doctor's daughter had pretty severe migraines which led her to take her own life, despite all he could do.

It also really shows the impact of chronic headaches of any type and what they can do to someone. Whilst CH is sometimes referred to as "suicide headaches", the impacts go beyond just CH and cover a multitude of chronic pain conditions.

Great that you're working with a doctor who truly understands the impact of CH and is very much on your side to improve things.

It's good that you're getting the nerve block on both sides as often when people just have it done on one side CH can just change sides. However it doesn't always work for all and for some people the effect of the block can last a variable amount of time, sometimes not long enough to cover the cycle (something to watch for).

Have you any CH abortives in case the block isn't working or before you can get one?

Tell us more about your CHs and we may be able to give some suggestions. Ask any questions you have.
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