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Nice to meet ya (Read 270 times)
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Nice to meet ya
Dec 9th, 2019 at 12:56pm
Hey everyone, I'm Connor and recently been diagnosed with cluster headaches about 5 months ago. Pretty new to this, but the pain is pretty severe, so I figured I'd join the group here to learn how to deal with this beast.

Since it's so new I'm not entirely sure what's causing my episodes but I'm trying to identify the causes! All I have seen that has been a reliever of the pain is Toradol/Ketorolac and been taking Verapamil as a preventative. Open to any and all suggestions on things that may help.

Excited to meet some of you and hopefully learn more about this condition.
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Re: Nice to meet ya
Reply #1 - Dec 9th, 2019 at 5:43pm
G'day Connor,  and welcome to our little madhouse.  Sorry you had to come looking for us but here we are and ready to help any way we can.

On the left side of your screen is the button for  Oxygen Info  and this is a beaut place to start.  It's the number one abortive for so many CHeads and so long as you jump onto it at the start of a hit you can expect some great relief.

Another common abortive is Imitrex/Immigran injections and we can show you a trick to get two or even three shots out of the one jab.  The same thing in pill form is often prescribed but not much use because it takes so long to start working,  though the nasal sprays are at least fairly effective if that's all you can get.

A Red Bull type energy drink helps many if guzzled down at the first twinge of a new attack.  Something to do with the caffeine-taurine mix and while they taste awful it's better than doing nothing at all.

As to preventives,  a lot of work has been done here developing a special mix of Vitamin D and other goodies that's showing remarkable success in up to 80% of sufferers who are using it.  Happily,  it also works out to be very cheap.

When it comes to searching for triggers,  it's worth considering a headache diary listing each hit,  where and when and what you'd been doing,  what you'd eaten,  and so on.  Surprising what little gems it can throw up and it will likely be of great help to your headache specialist as well.

However,  the greatest thing you can do is remain positive and your choice of board names suggests you already are.  This is wicked condition we must endure but the more you can stay on top of it,  the less you'll suffer.

Good to have you aboard,

Brian down under.
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My name is Brian. I'm a ClusterHead and I'm here to help. Email meanytime at briandinkum@yahoo.com
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Re: Nice to meet ya
Reply #2 - Dec 10th, 2019 at 6:28pm
Triggers are a big part

Mine is Alcohol when in cycle I say very far away from it.

If you can get your self on the vit. D regiment.

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