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Posted by Troy ( on August 01, 1999 at 01:57:54:

I must first say that I applaud all of you that share your views and experiences with these monsters. I don't normally post anything here but this board is invaluable to me and my management with my headaches.

Earlier I replied to one of Michael's posts about completely abstaining from any medication to treat this disorder. To some extent, I agree with many of his views.

However, in my training as a veterinarian I have learned one very important thing about basic physiology--no two bodies are created equal. No two dogs, cats, or humans are the same. A very simple rule of nature is that different people will respond differently to stimuli--chemical, emotional, physical, or whatever.

This rule leads me to my point--chemicals (drugs) or a lack of drugs perform differently in people. In a perfect world there would be no need to take medications for these headaches. However, they work for many people. To say that quitting all of your medications is the best thing to do is completely ridiculous. For many people medications abort and prevent these monsters. Should we deprive ourselves of the ability to get rid of this problem?

I understand that opiods are an abuse potential in humans. But for many painkillers are the absolute only resourse that they have. I simply do not understand the point of view that opiods should not be used to treat this disorder in those patients that have no other recourse.

Someone enlighten me. Luckily my magic bullet is Imitrex. However, I have seen my father suffer from this disorder for years. His absolute only relief--opiods. I can't imagine how his life would be without any relief from the demon. Should we really take away his pill bottle because his "magic bullet" happens to be in a class of drugs that has historically been abused by humans? And, what if he becomes addicted to these drugs due to a continued usage in order to keep the pain away? Which is worse--the pain or the addiction? When answering these questions, we have to be extremely mindful of the relativity of both the pain and the addiction. I can tell you from experience (and I know all of you can too) that the pain these things inflict is simply indescribable.

I think this debate is really an interesting and viable one. I appreciate anyone's thought on it.

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