problem is NOT with DJ's server

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Posted by gary g ( on August 02, 1999 at 12:25:32:

In Reply to: How to post your message immediately posted by A Dame on August 01, 1999 at 14:43:16:

I too experience great variance in loading speed of this msg bd - but same on ALL the sites I normally check
it just isn't DJ's server or the page design

there are at LEAST a dozen different links in the chain between our computer screens & Dj's server computer, where the msg bd "lives"; and the response can never be faster than the slowest "gate" in the data flow

around here the biggest problem is the telephone company - their lines and switches are obsolete and can't keep up with the load from internet usage - in fact if there is prolonged rain & the lines get damp in the switches & branch connectors, the interference load slows the phone transmission down so much we just have to give up & try later

plus, I'm CONVINCED that my ISP sets up time-limit cutouts for high usage periods, to keep people from tying up their modems without actually transmitting data; but they deny it and blame it on the phone co

we depend on the 'net for my business, wife's professional research, investment - you name it and have done everything there is to do to keep our 'net access fast & dependable and STILL there are lots of times when it just doesn't want to play nice -

that's the ONLY way you can think of it, I won't go into the LONG explanation,it's taken years to figure it out, and then when you do "they" change things & you have to start all over to keep current - - anybody who says computers make life simple is lying to you - they make it possible to do things we never imagined possible, but NOT simply

it's EXACTLY like auto traffic - takes us anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to get in & out of Boston, depending on time of day, etc - proportionately the 'net is even more variable

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