Report on Clinic stay, here it is finally (loooong)

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Posted by Lars ( on September 21, 1999 at 05:10:13:

Hi, everyone.
Finally here is the report on my stay in the headache linic here in germany.
First of all I would like to apologize for the one-week-delay, but after four long
weeks without the board I had nothing better to do, than to get my ISDN-Card
frizzed....... Therefore I had to wait another week (almost) to get online again!
So, now here goes:

I arrived in the clinic on August 17th 11:15 a.m.
I had my first appointmenr with my doctor there at 1:00 p.m.
There I was told, that I would have to give up smoking at least for
the time being in the clinic (I smoked 40 cigs a day by that time).
Furthermore they use a treatment to get all the toxins and other bad
stuff that builds depots in your body out. It would be stupid to do this
treatment with the diet and keep the toxins going in with smoking.
So far I understood the argumentation.
When it came to the "cleansing" diet my readiness to understand went
far below zero! I love to eat good food. Still do, ever will!
But! For the first two weeks, the breakfast was a (ONE) roll with a cup of
milk. You had to do small bites and chew every bite 40 times. After that you
put ONE teaspoon of milk into your mouth, chew a little more and swallow.
It should take up to 30 minutes to finish one roll.
Oh, the lunch brought the same, btw. Supper was a little different:
Tea instead of milk! wow......
And you had to drink at least 3 liters a day, water and very thin tea.
You had to take vitamin pills, pills for the acid level of your body, so
your body would turn to a normal acid-basic-level.(Almost every person
has a too high acid level of the body, that is unhealthy folks!)
You had to take something called "Bittersalz" (a salt made from magnesium,
so your whole digestive system would be ready to purge all the old wastes
(and all the poo it had in it at that time). You could see it work on other people in
the clinic, when they sat at breakfast and suddenly bolted to a very straight position
and looking into the distance very concentrated for a few seconds, before leaving the
table in a hurry for the nearest bathroom.
Guess what.... Right, I was ready to leave the clinic the day I arrived and it got worse
every day for the first week.
I had to 9ers in the first night and I got oxygen and Imigran nasal.
I did stop smoking on day ONE (August 17th) and so far stuck to non-smoking.
On thursday afternoon (19th of August) I had another attack. Went to the nurse room and
got oxygen again. As few drugs as possible.
After the first week I gave up my resistance and ate my rolls every day without thinkig about it.
And I felt so stuffed sometimes, I still can't believe it.
I started to sleep better during the nights. Earlier and deeper. No attacks during the nights, mild
shadows during the day (in the beginning all day, later only sometimes).
The treatment was mostly with "homoeopathic" (right word? sp?) remedies to get the body as little
chemicals as possible. After two weeks the diet switched to easy to digest food, so the whole
digestive apparatus was able to adjust to "real food " again.
On the first day we got ONE potatoe (a little smaller than a baked one) with some sauce for lunch.
I wasn't able to finish it.My stomach had shrunk so far, that I didn't need the masses of food anymore
to get stuffed.
I had some massages in the clinic, acupuncture as well. It was feelig very good, but I do not know if it
helped with the clusters. In the last week I got one mild attack, that was aborted with some pills made from grapefruit seeds and some oxygen. Althoug Oxygen always helped, this time it worked faster than
before. What really helped me was the therapie called "Autogenes Training" (don't know the english name for it, sorry). You had to lay down and imagine that you where calm, so calm. After that you imegined yourself being heavy, very heavy (and relax your muscles during this). There where some
more things you had to imagine, but I guess this would get too long :-)
After the two weeks of eating only three rolls a day it was so great to get some other food again, that I
was sure to get thru the next two weeks as well, even without my comuter (wow, almost felt like I was
addicted to the computer and this board!).
The town was beautiful and had an old ruin of a castle on a hill next to the clinic (actually they had two ruins there, but I visited the second one only two days before I left there).
After getting all the toxins, drug depots and the other bad stuff out of the body I was set on Verapamil again. As some of you might remember, it didn't do for me anymore since the cluster returned from the vacation it had taken from the first verapamil and now was as chronic as in the beginning.
I took it in a dosage that made me laugh at first, becaue I took a lot more without any result. But it something had changed with the system: 240 mg Verapamil taken in three doses of 80 mgs do the works now. The doctor explained it like this: "Imagine a barrell (sp?) filled with water right to the top.
Now put in some more water. It will flow over the top and can't be stored or do anything. It just is
lost. So is the body after some time, if you do not take care and get the old depots out of the body from time to time.". Well, seems that my barrell is empty now :-)
I didn't need a shot of Imigran since the 17th of August!

So for all those who still are awake after this long message:

This is what the clinic stay did for me:
I quit smoking 40 cigs a day.
I only need small amounts of medication every day to keep the cluster at bay.
I lost the chronic cluster (seems to be episodic again) and 9 kgs (well, suits me fine, could be some more as well :-) )
I quit drinking 2 liters of coffee every day.(green teas are great !)
I now live healthier, with better food (not everydays junkfood and pizza and stuff like that any more)

So there seems to be something in the Triple-W from Margi (we had to drink a lot during the time in the clinic) as well as in all the mentioning of grapefruit juice (since they used medications made from grapefruit seeds in the clinic).
I did not come up with new information on medication, since they don't use them so far, sorry about that.

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me, my ISDN-Cars works right now :-)

Best wishes to all of you and stay painfree,


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