my o2 coverage & a health insurance tantrum

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Posted by gary g ( on October 09, 1999 at 13:30:48:

In Reply to: O2 and insurance posted by Tim M on October 09, 1999 at 09:01:14:

last go-round Maine BC/BS finally broke down and added oxygen to list of semi-automatic OKs for CH

need prescription, no longer need reams of letters from doc, etc

unless that's changed again since they got bought out by some midwest megaCorp this fall ?????

they pay for the refills as a drug
treat the rental of the tanks as a durable medical equipment item, and THAT does require all the MD letters etc

(don't understand how they think the o2 is gonna get delivered without the tank)
and yes, it all gets chalked up against the annual deductable before they pay, but I don't mind that because I'd prefer a health plan where I paid everything for, say, the first $1000 a year and they pay everything above it -
no ifs, ands or buts.....
such plans exist, but every one I've investigated is VERY sketchy, and most providers I deal with don't accept, so "big deal"

this mickey-mouse partial coverage, semi-allowed benefits,preferred provider, guessing game is foolishness
(example: Ihave what BC/BS calls full dental - they pay something like $17 for a regular office visit/cleaning that costs about $80. BFD !

forget lobbying for CH research -
let's get on the case for REAL, NATIONAL health insurance that is just plain THERE -

yeah - it's socialism
and it's about time !!!
the interstate system is pure socialism too, at the demand and pressure of the auto industry, sold to the govt in the 50s as an internal military defense need

and we can spend kabillions for military hardware to scare the rest of the world to death, but we can't afford to provide ourselves fundamental health care that is just sitting there to be used ?????????????

bullshit, pure and simple

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