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Posted by Todd ( on December 04, 1999 at 20:26:51:

In Reply to: Sleeping with the enemy posted by hub on December 04, 1999 at 20:02:38:

some here would mistake it for a validation. Think you know me well enough, hub, to know that while I defend your right to your religious beliefs with all my ability, I respect most your unwillingness to impose them upon others.

As to the focus of your post, RIGHT ON, BRO! While clusters vary in their impact on each of us (hence the Kip Scales' 1-10 range) no-one who truly knows the horror of clusters could ever claim to sleep through a 10, or speak of 12's. There can BE nothing beyond a 10....it's implicit in the very existance and acceptance of the Kip Scale. Consider the outrage in many quarters years ago when a 10 was awarded at the Olympics (Olga Korbut???) Everyone should re-read the Kip Scale....10's are few and far between (though we all have them at times).

I'm thankful that, unlike you, I don't also suffer migraines. I can't and won't compare the two for that reason. I can substantiate (in a sense) some of your supporting references, however. As a child, my finger was cut off with a hatchet...not completely, but through the bone, call it 90%. I was stitched up in a pediatrician's office with nothing other than novacaine and sat up to watch the whole thing. I'd call it a 4. Later in life, I was knifed. Call it a 4, subsiding to a 2. Recently busted a rib. Point 5 at best. Yes, all of these hurt. All caused lingering discomfort. NONE even approached a cluster.
It's well past time for ch.com to get back to the business of exchanging info, support and experiences about CLUSTERS. I'll take my other major problems to www.hangnail.com

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