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Posted by Sonnie Parker ( on December 05, 1999 at 15:34:16:

In Reply to: Oh, and one more thing.... posted by Margi on December 05, 1999 at 12:31:50:

Thank you for your oldtimer opinions. And I have somezheimers so I don't remember too well. Although I've read about every message ever posted. Plenty in about every catagory there is I suppose, good, bad, or indifferent.

I stated I agreed with Todd for the most part. And I stated my opinion about the part I did not agree with.

As far as my opinion you might read "A suggestion" as an example. And here is a copy of my e-mail to Elaine, maybe that will explain where I'm coming from. You'll have to kinda read between the lines because I'm responding to her e-mail:

****Hello Elaine and thanks for your e-mail. The post Todd made about
observations was a little harsh in my opinion and I truely believe he could
have hurt some peoples feelings. He could cause those who don't understand
to leave us and not come back. If we start acting like we are better than
others then people will not want to stay either. The comments made were
just not very tasteful. I've gotten several e-mails from sufferers who feel
the same way. Now I believe that's a problem. I stated in the nicest way I
know how, my opinion. I have questioned no ones faith, never have and never
will. If someone tells me they are a Christian then I believe them. If
they do not tell me they are a Christian then I have no way of knowing
unless they stand up for Christ in some way. Now, just because they don't
stand up for Christ doesn't mean I think they are not Christians. I'm not
questioning anyones belief's. I apologize if you took it that way. And I
am in no way trying to push Christ on anyone. All I said was in agreement
with you. We should definitely be concerned about how people see our
message board. As Christians I firmly believe it is our obedience to God to
let people know we are Christians. Letting people know where we stand is
not pushing Christ on anyone. Christians represent Christ. Now I ain't
perfect and I sin. Only by God's wonderful grace do I have hope and faith.
I'll be the first to admit I'm guilty. I sin. Yes, I've been guilty of
judging others and I too try not to do this. You in fact, have now judged
me....hee hee.....I don't mind it though. Jesus plainly tells us in Mathew
18:15 to make your brother or sister aware of their sin.

I can see absolutely no reason this forum can not be a place for cluster
headaches sufferers to requsition prayer as a group. Those who wish can
participate and those who do not want to would be respected. Just the same
as if you wanted to participate in another thread. Sometimes you do and
sometimes you may choose not to. It's always the readers choice. No ones's
forcing or pushing anyone to do anything they don't want to do. The reader
has their own keyboard and mouse, I don't control it.

Prayer is medication for me and several of us cluster headache sufferers.
It's the medication I have found to be the best fix yet. With out it I
would be absolutely miserable. No, God has not taken my headaches away, but
I believe He has cut my individual attacks and cycles short through prayer.
I don't believe it was coincidence. He has also helped me grow in my walk
with Christ through these headaches. Now surely prayer will help others
too. Just like Imitrex, people might like to know about prayer. That might
come in the form of a post, prayer group, or e-mail.

Maybe I misunderstood "The cream will rise" and "Pissed on
pigs."........that was quoted by some posters. It was never explained other
than it was just an expression. I don't see how those expressions are
caring type expressions. I'm sorry I just don't see it.

I have no intentions of offending you or anyone. I again apologize if I
have. Please forgive me.

God bless!

Sonnie Parker

There will be no pain in heaven.

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