Try this for aborting CH , I have aborted every CH in last 2 weeks...

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Posted by Cujo ( on January 20, 2000 at 07:35:22:

Every time you feel a CH coming on while at home , Run a bathtub full of hot water , as hot as ya can stand it.Get in ,Lay back, lower head down to water to soak temple area. Dip your hand into water and snort some hot water up into nostril side of CH. CH will soon dissipate. I have aborted about 30 CH's this way in last 3 weeks.
My theory on this....Drs seem to think that CH's are caused by imflammation. I believe that too.

I think the Imflammation is causing swelling and in turn the swelling is pushing against the Triwhatchamacallit nerve and causing the pain. The swelling seems to go in about 3 different directions. It seems to center in or around the temple area , pushing against the Eye , sinuses and that darn Tri??? nerve.I can actually feel heat eminating from my eye, from the pressure of this swelling , i guess. Also in CH , my sinus on the affected side gets clogged. I tried over the counter remedies to try and unclog it , and that works but CH doesnt go away. So i started snorting water in hope of getting the sinus to flow to unclog itself. Well lo and behold , when i did this , My CH also abated, didnt completely go away. But it seemeed as if the pressure went down a bit. If i could keep my sinus cleared i'd never get above a 5. I'll bet some of you are saying , sheeite , he doesnt have CH , he has sinus headaches. I thought that for 10 years , until i started having sinus headaches for real....Hahaha , No comparison guys. Sinus headache is a walk in the park compared to CH.

Anyways , just wanted to share that with all of you , might help you also.
Best regards ,Cujo

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