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Posted by Carl D ( on January 31, 2000 at 16:58:01:

I've been doing some research on the actions of the Hypothalamus, and have found a few interesting things.

Sometimes in an attack, My blood pressure will slightly elevate and my pulse will drop. Anyone else experience this?

The Hypothalamus contains a large number of neuronal circuits that regulate some vital functions like your Temperature (ever get cold during an attck), Heart rate, Blood pressure, and blood osmolarity. It also controls the pituitary gland. It's main involvement in the brain is what is known as the four F's: Fight, Flight, Feelings, and F#@&ing (sexual behaviors). It is in charge of emotion, pain and temp.

What does all of this mean? Well, I'm thinking (and that alone is scary) that if we have an enlargement of the hypo, we have stronger emotions, feel pain deeper, and may be more sensitive to different temps like the heat(get too hot) and the cold (cant seem to get warm.) Also, we all know that the hypo controls the body clock. My question is - how many people have a sleep disorder of any type when NOT in a CH cycle?

The hypo also receives data on the status of the rest of the body and must be able to initiate compensatory changes if anything drifts out of whack.

Now the important question : what is out of whack that the hypo is trying to possibly overcompensate for, thus initiating a CH attack.

OK, I am mentally exhausted - - - - sticking my head back in the ice for awhile.

Carl D

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