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Posted by Monique ( on February 12, 2000 at 04:02:05:

In Reply to: careful ! posted by Dave on February 12, 2000 at 03:31:16:

but it can't be deep inside there are no pain receptors in the brain, hence the ability to operate on it while the patient is awake. Only local anistetic is required cause the skull and scalp have the only pain receptors. So though it might feel like it's from way down inside, it aint, much I think, like you can have fantom pain in an appendage that has been amputated. The brain is an amazing and sometimes miserable thing. I have MS and my lovely (not) brain often tells me some pretty strange things, like there is ice cold water running down my legs. Nope, not in reality but the feeling is so real it's rediculous. I have often the sensation of my bones in my calves being on fire. If I could just cut the skin open and get at the bones with some water all would be well. Of course that's not the case but that's what it feels like. My brain is telling me something that can't possibly be happening, this (I think) is very similar to the CH pain. Can't possibly originate inside the skull ie the brain, not possible, yet that's what it feels like. MS is due to the degeneration of the mylin (spelling?) of the nerves in the brain. Each persons sypmtoms are different and yet similar depending on where, how much, and to what degree the mylin is destroyed. Similarly I think the enlargement of the Hypo...something or other, (it's late can't remember the name of the part of the brain that's inlarged in CHers) could be pressing or acturally destroying by cutting off blood flow to certain parts of the CNS. I truly believe there is some correlation between the two diseases in that they both stem from misfirings of the synapsis' in the brain due to blockage (CH) or short circuits (MS)
What the heck was the question again....:)
Oh ya, that thing about the surgery, your right in that it is what your describing and whether it works or not is the question. OH boy, am I tired, never mind, Can't think enough to figure out how to breath never mind this,...Crap he's up again, here we go again, hope your doing better,

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