no mystery - common problem

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Posted by gary ( on February 15, 2000 at 16:20:28:

In Reply to: Exercise Induced Migraines??? posted by Bootsy on February 15, 2000 at 15:19:12:

no mystery here
common problem
sometimes called:
exertion headache, weightlifter's headache
another version of same thing is sex headache

all apparently stem from acute change in blood oxygen and biochemical balances brought on by excessive exertion - USUALLY situations where people tend to hold their breath while making the big push

my son was dropped to his hands and knees as though poleaxed once during a "powerlifting" session - left him blinded, puking on the floor - the whole routine-
after a spinal tap and 2 days observation in the college infirmary (absolutely necessary for young strong man with no headache history)- I can ASSURE you

no more power lifting or other intemperate physical bullshit - he may have a severe case of testosterone poisoning, but he's far from stupid

and this only a couple years after he'd won the state wrestling championship, captaining the state champ spoccer team , and while he was in offseason training from two years of rowing ivy league crew (extremely grueling conditioning)
the POINT being it has nothing to do with physical fitness
it appears to have EVERYTHING to do with irrational levels of punishing physical exertion of an intense, short term type-

I am VERY WELL aware that "working out" is all the rage these days -
in fact this HAS been discussed here re: cluster headache and any possible connection (where it appears to differ with individuals)

there is a VERY important point to consider -
human beings are NOT evolved, designed or possessed of the appropriate physiology to live the MODERN version of a fit life,
which seems to consist of 23 1/2 hours of idleness, then 1/2 hour of extreme exertion

what's extreme ?
EASY - anything you do that causes severe migrainelike attacks IS extreme for you
there ISN'T any standard measure

the much legended physical fitness of "oldtimers" came from a 24x7x52 life that was physically challenging but NOT usually physically punishing - there is a big difference
their strength and fitness came from constant repetition of small-load movements, done in an evenpaced, nonfrenzied manner

I come from about a dozen generations of north country farmers, lumbermen, etc - that fabled healthy outdoor life
and they all tended to live a long time, and shake off illness and injury, mainly because of their physical lifestyle in an environment of unlimited fresh air (that's why the same doesn't hold true for miners, heavy industry factory workers, etc - bad or no air offsets the constant exercise many times over)

BUT one thing they NEVER did was engage in this - my opinion here, but it wouldn't be my opinion if I wasn't convinced it's correct: ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT of "extreme activity" "pushing the envelope" etc

Those old survivors KNEW BETTER, because their physical condition wasn't vanity, ego or trendiness to them - which is the root of MOST of today's "workout" culture -
physical condition was life-or-death, on a day to day basis, and they damn well knew it -
the point being -
moderation - moderation - moderation

"fast and furious sets the pace,
slow and steady wins the race"

ANSWER to your "what can I do ?" question-

WELL, no mystery there either, in fact, there's an old vaudeville gag that answers your question:

"DokTorr DokTorr ! - It hoits ven I do dis !
Vat can I DO ta moik it schtop ?"
"Doan DO dat!"

take a BRISK walk every day, with practice you'll get to about 2 miles in 1/2 hour - that's all you need to keep the CV system tuned and burn off excess fat;(humans are designed to be walking animals, NOT runners, actually - but if you run, then truly RUN - the long loping pace, NOT the punch punch punch of "jogging", which will guarantee you early arthritis & hobbling about, bcause of the repetitive shocks to the joints)

for muscle trim & upper body strength-
find a food coop, salvation army truck dispatch warehouse, habitat for humanity, etc, and volunteer to spend a couple hours, a few times a week loading trucks, moving boxes, etc -
and you will be helping somebody while you're staying fit instead of paying money to hurt yourself-
(now THERE'S a radical idea, eh ?)

for those who say "I haven't got time blah blah blah"
of course you do - you're just wasting a lot of it on negative activity

if anybody HATEs hearing this
it's usually a good sign they ought to listen

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