My trip to the immediate care center....

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Posted by ChgoJack ( on February 17, 2000 at 06:48:54:

Ok, I still cant laugh about it, but, atleast the trauma has come down to the point where I can write about it. After 10 pain-free years, I started getting "these headaches" again 3 wks. ago.I wasnt diagnosed with ch in the past and I thought that I was suffering from a sinus condition.I found this site at 3:00am durring my 2nd or 3rd attack while searching for a way to ease my pain and I knew immediately that this was what I have.THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, I learned about oxygen's effect on ch several days BEFORE I had my 1st KIP 10+.I have since been diagnosed by a neuro. and am taking verapamil (a trojan,lol) and imitrix.
MY TRIP TO THE IMMEDIATE CARE CENTER: 3 Thursdays ago at 2:45pm, in the middle of my work day, I got hit with a ch so severe that I left work early and had to call my wife to pick me up and take me to the care center because I wasnt in any condition to drive their myself.By the time that I got to the center I was in a cold sweat and going out of my mind with pain. It took every last ounce of energy and control for me to calmly explain that I was having an attack for which I needed oxygen to stop. After about 45 min. of waiting in the waiting room and in the examination room my last ounce of control was used up. I kind of blacked out into a fit of rage and I went searching through the center for the oxygen. The disruption caught the attention of one of the doctors: "what's going on here?" "He wants oxygen." "Oxygen?...Well, if he says thats going to make him stop this, you'd better give it to him." "The police and an ambulance are on their way." This is the place that I have to go to for my insurance! By the time the 5 cops,3 firemen and 2 paramedics showed up, responding to a call of a "man on drugs causing a disturbance" I was just about headache free and a perfectly sane and rational human being. I fully explained the situation to the large audience and told them that I had explained everything exactly the same way to the receptionist,nurse,etc. when I first came in. Luckily they took my side and since my wife had dropped me off the police gave me a ride home and gave me the following advice:
It would be a good idea to carry a MEDIC-ALERT type card.Include the name of the illness,symptoms,immediate treatment,name of your doctor and that you are experiencing a medical emergency. There is also a fire station near my house and I might pay the paramedics a visit to explain the situation with this condition and my experience at the center. Maybe they'd be willing to help in an emergeny. Hey, theyre open 24-7 right!

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