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Posted by Miguel ( on February 22, 2000 at 13:13:00:

Question 1: I understand from one e-mail that I received
that there is an apparent statistically significant
correlation between "extra"- grey matter around the
hypothalamus and CH. What I don't understand is what
is the theory behind it? I can't document that grey matter
contributes to CH. Help - links, literature.

Question 2: Someone sent an e-mailw with a reference
to myelin sheath damage in relationship to CH.
Any more references and leads regarding this theory?
Links & published Doc refs please! Of all things I have
seen in this board so far, this seems quite plausible.
see Q #3 below.

Question 3: Has anyone experienced the following?
I have noticed that when I become surprised or
frightened, i.e.: entering a road intersection with a
green light and some boob fails to notice the red light
on his/her street, subsequently plowing right through
the intersection, while missing
me by what seems like a few inches. My heart rate
immediately increases, I feel every cell of my skin,
pores may even open, and momentarily loose sense of time
(the old "those 2 seconds felt like 20 minutes"). Very shortly after
something like that happening, when in remission, I feel
a pain in exactly the same place where my CH took place
during the last episode, and inside my head. It doesn't
reach the levels of a CH attack, nor it last but a couple
of minutes. However, I feel the pulsing, just like with CH.
I feel the sharpness that is apparent between "shadow" state
and full-blown CH, and all those fun things that make CH such a
f$#@%@%g deightful ailment.

Now...have any of you paid attention to such correlation?
If so, Has it happened to you?
With the myelin sheath weakness/damage theory there is
a possible lead that merits some attention. The damage is
irreversible, unfortunately. Also, it is known to occur
during periods of very high stress, panic, etc.

Question #4: Has anyone taken Nifedipine, either for CH,
or as part of treament for aheart condition, and noted
any differences in CH episodes/chronic, length of attack,
duration of episode (for episodics), or anything in
relation to CH?

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