Here is a summary of Psilocilin treatment

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Posted by Flash ( on February 23, 2000 at 06:18:24:

In Reply to: Shrooooms...Please explain.... posted by ChgoJack on February 23, 2000 at 01:52:45:

First off I cannot speak for others, but what I have heard strongly bears out my own experience.

OK first the good points:

1) This is the only truely effective treatment I have tried. I have 7 years experience of it, and aside from when I have ceased the treatment (to check I do still in fact suffer from CH) I have not had a single headache let alone an episode. Nothing conventional comes close.

2) Provided the correct substance is used, and used correctly, side effects are negligable.

3) In my case, a single dose of about 1/4 of the effective recreational dose, will prevent CH for at least 12 months.

4) The only side effect I've had is a slight feeling of unease or dread starting about 15mins after consumption, and lasting less that 30 minutes. There are ways to minimise this.

Now the bad points:

1) Incorrect identification of the substance may be fatal. Identification is tricky unless you have prior knowledge.

2) Pocession of these substances is illegal in most part of the world.

What we require in the short term is a clinical trial to ensure that our claims are backed up by scientific evaluation.

I would not recommend that CH sufferes go out and procure either psychoactive mushrooms or LSD to treat their condition. Although CH can be a completely debilitating if not life destroying condition, misidentifcation of the mushroom could result in death. However, if a person pocessed the knowledge to correctly identify the fungis, or could obtain LSD and verify it's authenticity... then they may reap considerable benefits.

If someone like that is reading this post, then the following information might help:

For LSD only 1/4 of the recreational dose is required. The recreational dose is approx 1/3 of the maximum pschoactive effective dose. To test the LSD is genuine hold the cardboard under a UV lamp. Avoid microdots, these are difficult to quarter.

For fungis, Liberty Cap is the easiest to identify safely. Get a text book and a microscope. Liberty Cap contains no Psilocilin, only Psilocybin that the body will metabolise into Psilocilin. This means Liberty Cap will not glow under a UV lamp. Strength may vary, but typically ~48 mushrooms = a recreational dose, therefore use ONLY 12. THAT'S TWELEVE. Raw mushrooms can be preserved in honey for up to 2 years. Boil mushrooms in water for 15 minutes. Drain the mushrooms out and drink the water. Consume slowly over 1/2 hour- 1 hour period to minimise side effects. Cease consumption if psychoactive effects become noticable. Do not consume the acutal mushroom. ON NO ACCOUNT CONSUME UNCOOKED MUSHROOMS - THESE MAY CONTAIN PARASITES.

The treatment has an instataneous effect, with partial relief in roughly 15-20 mins, but this depends on prior stomach content. Full relief will slowly take place over the next 48 hours. Do not repeat the process for a least 5 days. Typically a single dose will last for several months. This treatment is effective at any time during an episode, but works best when taken at the start of an epdisode and repeated every 6 months regardless. If taken during the most severe part of an episode, an increased dose may be required.

To lessen the side effect of a slight feeling of dread, try consuming alchohol beforehand. I know this sounds like suicide to a CH sufferer, but trust me!!!

These substances can cause irregular heartbeat, especially if taken in larger doses, or if taken too frequently.

If noticable psychoactive effects take place then reduce the dose.

Please note the dose mentioned is ONLY APPLICABLE TO LIBERTY CAP. Liberty Cap is a WEAK psychoactive mushroom. For most other species of psychoactive mushroom the dose will be much much smaller.


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