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Posted by Paul ( on March 04, 2000 at 08:05:02:

I don't know if anybody out there has experienced this. I had a back injury some years ago and what it taught me was pain is manageable to some degree. I use sheep red blood cells for my research (no, I'm not into the occult or any other stuff like that) and I have to go collect it.(I treat the sheep as I would a pet dog and would never hurt them) I also "inoculate" the sheep from time to time. (feel free to jump on this) Anyway, one day I was bent over inoculating a sheep and I was "nailed" (again, feel free) by a ram. This ruptured two disks in my lower back. Until this time I thought that CH was the most incredible pain I knew. Wrong! I went through six months of the most horrible pain I have ever felt. Mind you, if I had to compare 5 min of CH and 5 min of that pain the CH would easily win, BUT, the pain I had from the back injury was 24/7-6 months. (I don't know what it is like to be a chronic CH but it may be similar) Sleep came to me measured in moments. Every painful sensation that one could experience was mine to enjoy. Ever since the day that that ram did me in the ass, (jump on it) I have had a bit of a different outlook on pain. Since that time, the CH are at least manageable for the most part. When I have an attack I can still function at a basil level unless I'm > Kip7. Has anybody else experienced a similar alteration of their perception of pain? Just curious.

Signed, Dahahahady!

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