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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on March 06, 2000 at 14:57:18:

Euli... to adress your suggestions and thoughts below...uhhh...no..it's a kinda thingy that...screws into the very bottom outlet of the valve that regulates Liters/min flow. This orifice/coupling is only one inch long. One male side screws up into the bottom of the L/Min gauge assembly and the other male thread attaches directly to the hose nipple.
It is simply an orifice whose opening seems to be married to the guage to deliver the proper l/min flow (could be a screen/orifice device?) The face of the guage reads -"Calibrated for no. 80 drilled orifice" which is what this tiny thingy is. You must be referring to some gadget I don't have...or I don't realize I have.
I seemed to have unclogged it and it is whooshing out the O2 now. I suspect my O2 setup has never operated properly since day one. Cause I never heard the whooshing before, even with the cannules or my homemade mask.
It's got me to wondering how much O2 I have actually been using. I got no help from the cannules and said "I guess I'm just one of those folks that O2 doesn't help...fuck it" and stopped using it... I went into remission...
While in that lovely place I saw some posts from Gary G hammering away on the necessity for the mask affair..Thanks Gary! and a post from Claudette about how the non rebreather masks work..so when I started back into "the cycle" I rigged up one of my son's masks from his "breathing treatment" apparatuses and it really seemed to nail the sucker...in 10 minutes...a miracle...Butt... while in remission , I also noted a lot of folks had said that running, exercize, etc, at the onset, aborted their pain...sooo I was also running in place, doing situps etc ...while wearing my new "mask".
AARUUGH ...so now that I realize the O2 wasn't flowing properly...it makes me wonder where the "miracle" was coming from?...the low level O2 in conjunction with the heavy breathing..blah...blah.....very frustrating when you are trying to find "the trick" that works for you.

...and Now that I've got the O2 flowing...the little baggy is filling ...I'm anxious to incorporate Kip's "cold" O2 methods from his 9-20-99 post. Are you still using these Kip?

Bottom line is ...that with the proper mask and improved flow rate I aborted a CH in 5 min. today.....(hmmmmm? would it have gone sooner with exercize?..or with Kip's ice?)
Uhhhh and even a bottomer line is that ...some folks on this board have given me the tools to stop a pain...a CH pain. Thanks.
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