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Posted by drummer ( on March 19, 2000 at 14:00:03:

In Reply to: I just love Neil posted by Carl D on March 19, 2000 at 13:13:54:

I asked my Jewish neighbor about Jesus Christ. My Jewish neighbor said that Jesus Christ has not existed yet. Iíve learned several Truths from my Jewish neighbor. His daughter is my daughterís friend. Iíve learned not to give his daughter pepperoni on her Pizza. (Itís against their religion).

Siddhartha claims that he has never heard of Jesus Christ. Pepperoni is not against Siddharthaís religion and he can eat Pizza anytime he wants, although sometimes he goes for days without eating.

The Catholics that I run into (and that run into me) claim that Jesus Christ existed for a while and then died and then came back to life again. The Catholics often eat pizza and can have pepperoni on it too. However, itís against their religion to have pepperoni on certain days of the year. I think that the Catholics have to carry Calendars around with them a lot of the time. They seem to have a lot of rules. I think itís because of that Pope guy.

Most of the Protestants that I talk to agree with the Catholics about Jesus Christ. They donít seem to have so many rules about pepperoni and Pizza or anything like that though.

The Baptists (whether they be Regular, Southern or otherwise) seem to agree with the Catholics and the Protestants about Jesus Christ. They also eat lots of pepperoni and Pizza and donít ever stop eating things like the Catholics.

Me? I'm innocent. I'm counting on the Angels. My 6-year-old daughter just came home from a Unified Church with her Grandmother. (I'm not sure what a 'Unified Church' is). My daughter just began searching for Truth. The Unified Church is teaching her how to kill a plant. My daughter told me that it has something to do with how God killed his son. I asked her how this made her feel. She said it scared her. I said, "oh". I asked her if she can eat pepperoni and Pizza. She said, "yes". I told her that I was glad. I asked her about the Angels. She told me this:

"Daddy, the Angles protect the innocent as a matter of Heavenly routine". Iím counting on the Angels.

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