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Posted by Todd ( on May 01, 2000 at 20:13:56:

Hi all-
Just finished reading drummer's CH/Migraine thread. Thought I'd toss my controversial comments into the pot.

I'm concerned that when we do these kinds of things, we aren't very specific. Most of the folks who said light and or noise bothered them seemed to me to be stating preferences. I may very well be wrong here, but it is my understanding that migrainers who are photo- and/or phono-phobic find light and/or sound increase the pain and/or overall discomfort.

Light makes no difference to me, nor does noise. However, someone attempting to speak to me does. Has nothing to do with the noise, but rather the distraction. I'm focused on dealing with the pain-as totally self-absorbed as I can possibly be. A comment or question demands (socially, at least) a response. Said response requires that I divert my attention from dealing with the demon to listening to and responding to the speaker.

Yes, you may well say I'm splitting a gnat's eyelash, but I truly beleive that meaningful information only comes from precise data. Does light 'hurt' or do you just prefer darkness? Does noise 'hurt' or do you merely find it difficult to sort through, like one poster said? Nothing wrong with preferring quiet, dark, cold, hot, noisy, bright...whatever. Heck, what other group of people (right-wing survivalists excepted) considers having an unopened bag of frozen peas in the freezer at all times to be a life requirement? But I hardly think 'fridge inspections are an appropriate delineator for determining syndromes.

I really saw nothing in the thread to dispute the concept that CH'rs are not typically photo- or phono-phobic.


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