Beating my head on the floor (WARNING: may contain subliminal messages.)

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Posted by Carl D ( on May 03, 2000 at 14:53:20:

Well, since I didn't feel I could 'vent' here yesterday, I called Elaine and talked to her for awhile. I started to feel better, and we were having a good conversation - when the beast started back up on me! I am glad things have calmed down here on the board. I guess Sergant "took a hike" since she was outed. I am very happy that things went ok with August's surgery. Man, I don't know about you guys but, I've thought about it and I wouldn't like it if they told me they had to open my melon!

I didn't get any sleep the night before last, and the total number of attacks from midnight Monday night to nidnight last night were 8!!!!!!!
Today has not been so bad (lying), I have had 3 attacks since midnight (arrgh!). I have dealt with it in the usual fashion (beating head on the floor). I got a little sleep (if you can call it that). I slept like a baby (cried all night). Still taking my medicine (m&m's), and I may have to quit it for awhile (fat chance.) I think I am building up a tolerance to it again and it is losing it's effectiveness (U.S. government.) I am shadowing a little (being tortured), but hoping it goes away (Elian Gonzales).

Seriously, I hope today is better than yesterday, as I am trying not to take any meds. Besides the obvious risk of addiction, it is losing it's effectiveness and I have had to take more to get relief, which has resulted in a very bad dilemma: I can't go poop!!!
This is one of those things you never think of until it happens; the possibility of your stool being stubborn! It's not funny, so stop laughing. I would give anything for a nice healthy #2 right now (Stop laughing, I'm being serious.) I ate two apples after an attack last night, hoping it would help - but I still can't poop!!! I am even drinking warm water!
I am the epitome of sadness: A Constipated clusterhead!

Just be my luck, I'll have a bad attack later and then have to go right then. Pardon this disgusting question but, has anyone had a CH attack while taking a dump? I know Someone was nearly struck by lightning a few months ago while on the porcelain throne.

Oh well, I've taken up enough of the board with this crap.
DJ, sorry you ran out of o2! That sucks! Just be glad it still works for you though, as it no longer works for me. I sucked down two tanks with little effectiveness - all it does for me now is bring a ten to a nine while I'm breathing it, and as soon as I would take off the mask, right back to a ten. Does not abort for me anymore.

Carl D

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