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Posted by drummer ( on May 24, 2000 at 07:00:11:

I've just read Hub's stupid little post about this stupid little community, called, CH.com.

Hub's stupid, but I think I like him, and I think he means well.

Jack Boyd is stupid, too.

I don't like Jack Boyd as much as Hub any more, any longer, all that much, as I used to like that stupid guy, Bob P, who I like a bit less than that stupid Hub person. However! I like that stupid Paco person a bit more, less, in-between the three other stupid people who I have just mentioned.

There's some other stupid people here at CH.com that I like too, but I don't have time to mention there stupid little names because I have more important things to do. Besides - no one is going to read this stupid little post anyway.

Since no one is going to read this stupid little post - here's my stupid little point:

A stupid person who has known me for 20 years asked me how my Migraines were the other day. I wanted to take a stupid little screw driver and poke this stupid little person in the eye, and explain to them for the 4 million, 783 thousand, 231st time, that I don't have Migraines.

I didn't poke this stupid person in the eye with a stupid little screw driver.

I simply told this stupid little person that I was fine.

I'm glad we have this wonderful thingie called CH.com where we can come and talk about the stupid little screw drivers that are being poked into our eye, and about other stupid stuff.


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