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Posted by James ( on July 21, 2000 at 08:12:04:

In Reply to: Greetings... posted by Cris on July 21, 2000 at 01:44:03:

Cris, I've had clusters for 18 years and have smoked for 30. The media has done such a good job of brain washing the public about smoking that every ill is now the cause of smoking. In my years of treatment no doctor has told me about any link between smoking and clusters. For sure they have all told me to quit smoking but not for clusters. I would give the same advice, don't smoke. If for no other reason, the money can be better spent.

I have a doctor friend, a G.P. who has clusters and quit smoking. He has since returned to smoking and says the two years he quit he had the worst clusters of his life.

There are plenty of people who have never had a cig that have clusters. The fact is the medical world does not know what causes clusters, or if they do they're hiding the news from us.

For me, smoking is the only pleasure I derive during a 12 week cluster(sounds shorter than 3 months)since I give up beer, most foods with any taste, sex, sleep and the company of friends and family.

You can come up with an impressive list of things you should give up to be politically correct that also have nothing to do with clusters. Smoking, drinking, over eating, eating anything with more than 2 grams of fat, coffee, real butter, red meat, cell phones, SUV's, staying at home with your kids(maybe that will give you a headache), heterosexuality, wearing leather or fur. None of these things will help your headaches but I'm just sure you'll feel better about yourself.:)

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