Flash and Others - You saved my life!!!!! (very long)

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Posted by stavi ( on July 25, 2000 at 12:55:57:

I have been reading the posts for some time about the Psilocybin connection and the 'shroom suggestions.

I am an episodal sufferer, with cycles lasting about 11 weeks with 5 days pain-free in between. I have tried most of the doctor-prescribed abortives and preventatives to no avail. I was getting very desperate and very depressed, as we all do, thinking that I was cursed to suffer forever. My relationship with my long-time boyfriend was suffering too. As supportive as he has been, it's been very hard for us to live the active lifestyle we are accustom to. It was hard enough for him to see me in this pain, but I was also depressed and just no fun to be around. :(

After doing some 'shroom research on this board, I saw the flicker of hope - my last hope - in the posts about Psilocybin. I ran home to my boyfriend with a smile on my face for the first time in a long time and he began his own research (i.e. - where can we get some?)

My point - last Tuesday evening I made some tea. The BEST TEA I HAVE EVER HAD despite the taste (a little honey helped). I was about a week and a half into a particularly bad cycle and drank the tea down during a potential 8 to 10 (Kip). 30 minutes later, the pain diminished. And guess what - no pain since! It's been a week - the best week of my life! I am happy, my boyfriend is happy, my job isn't quite so bad anymore, even my dog has noticed the difference. What can I say? I owe it all to you guys!!!! THANK YOU!

What I did:

I am in the US, so the recreational dosage is different from the UK Libery Caps. I am spacing right now on the strain name of what I had, but I'll find out if anyone is interested. Anyway, the recreational dose is about 4 medium to large mushrooms. I boiled 2 small ones in a half a cup of water for 7 minutes and let it cool and steep for another 3 minutes before straining it and adding a bit of honey. Drank it over ten minutes, and within 30 minutes - wow - no pain. The only "side effect" was I had a little giggle fit. But who's to say if that was from the concoction or just the pure bliss of remembering what it felt like to be headache-free?!?! Oh, I did have some pretty amazing (visually beautiful)dreams that night, but hey, they are much better then the scarey, violent dreams I would have before waking up with a cluster! And I have slept throught each night since.

I know a lot of you are against this kind of "drug use", but please know that I have always been a "good girl", and have never partaken in any type of recreational drug use. I TOTALLY RESPECT everyone's opinion in this matter. But I have to say that every prescription medicine I have taken for these CH's have left me feeling miserable due to side effects and lack of effectiveness. I sincerly hope that this will in fact be studied and perhaps one day approved as a doctor-prescribed treatment to save us all!

One week and running - a full seven days - longer then any pain free period for me - and I couldn't be happier. Let's hope it continues to last!

Thanks to everyone here for all their opinions and research and support of each other!


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